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Abraham, Martin, and Harriet: Commit

Martin Luther King, Jr, at Lincoln Memorial

for the March on Washington in 1963.

The wreath, for me, memorializes Harriet Tubman.

Ann: Good morning, I am honored by your presence. Anita* says that you have something urgent for the blog.

President Lincoln: Yes, we appreciate your speed in connecting with us. Though it is not widely known, there is much collaboration here “on the other side,” as you call it. We who are in touch with you here have often been in contact with each other now and at multiple times in past lives both before and after the lifetimes referenced here.

We are connected not only by the many attempts on our lives, successful in two cases, but because of the motivation that brought us to the earth in the first place. We came knowing that suffering would be our lot, but, in spite of that, we persevered in the face of encroaching oppression that wanted to deny the viability of each and every being, plant, animal and human, on this planet. That we could not allow.

We were and are committed. Do you understand what that means? It means we will never stop working to bring Source’s light to the human plane. It means that no matter how much it may seem that justice is faltering, the weak suffering, and evil prospering, we will still be here with you, sometimes when and where you least expect it, to help you join the forces that move towards that light. We do not falter neither shall we fail. We ask, urgently, that you do the same.

I’ll turn this over to Harriet.

Harriet Tubman: Mr. Lincoln, he knows a thing or two ‘bout what he’s talking about. He suffered like all my peoples suffered. He was persecuted, reviled, spat on, and called a fool. But he didn’t stop for that or any other thing because he knew where he come from. Oh, he couldn’t always see it like he does now, but he knew deep in his heart what was right and what was not, and every time, one way or the other, he ended up goin' with the right.

My people weren’t all that much to him when all that evilness started, but, as he got further along, he began to uncover what he knew and what he came here to do. He was afraid. He was a slick-talking white man that wanted to get ahead when he started out wantin' to be somebody, but, when he got there, he couldn’t step away from what he saw, and so he stepped forward instead. Like Jesus in the garden, he knew the only way out was through so he kep on. I’s right proud o' that boy.

Now you folks today need to dig a little deeper and look a little closer at the life you been given cause it ain’t the life you think it is. You is here for a reason, and it’s up to each and every one of you to figure out what that is, and, when you do, don’t give no quarter.

Yeah, I know it’s gonna coast you, maybe in money, maybe in friends, maybe in yo’ family or yo’ health. And once you find it, you will be pushed, pulled, and put upon, yes, but you will be the happiest human on this planet cause knowing who you are and why you are here is the biggest turn on they is. Ask Martin, he can tell you, and you all know he paid the price.

Martin Luther King Jr.: Auntie has been my guide for all of my life with Abraham right there by her side. It is for us to show you the path that Auntie talks about because we have walked the walk, not in pain, though there was plenty of that, not in hardship, though that also came into our lives, but in love for the Almighty and all his children. If you will commit to walk that path, life will lift you up so that you can see all around you, and, though you were blind, then you will see.

But you can’t see it if you don’t look, if you refuse to open your eyes to every sign that God gives you as He offers his hand in partnership in the work He has asked you to do. Brothers and sisters, this is who you are, pilgrims on this planet on behalf of our Creator. Yes, that path may be strewn with obstacles and traps for the unwary, but, if you persist, you will see a light so exalted, a light that guides your way, you will never turn back, for nothing can match the glory of the Lord.

Ask to see. Brothers and sisters, look around you for the most unlikely clues that tell you where you want to be and stride forward in that direction. Even though you may stumble and fall and have to crawl on your belly the rest of the way, you will still be carried in the arms of the Lord. This is the time to make common cause with Source. Let the power of His love shine on every thought, every kindness, and every outreached hand that you offer to your fellows. It is not too late to turn this ship around, please don’t let us down.

May 16, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

May 16, 2020

Great messages, certainly. pressure, though...this has simply been exhausting, I have to say....

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