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Algiz, The Protector, Thank God

Richard Burton: You have drawn the rune Algiz* to remind you that protection is always at hand and must be your primary concern in carrying this work forward at the present time. Love, you are not careful by nature, you charge in happily, pretty much certain of your welcome much like that Silly Lily of a dog of yours who sings morning songs to the unawakened whether or not the audience is receptive.

You have felt for one night and one morning the blessed effects of carrying protection within your soul and outward into the aura that surrounds your physical body. Note the increased energy the spring in your step, the absence of a drag on your consciousness.

Love, we come into this world’s experiment to face the shocking heaviness in the atmosphere, to find that our own displaced energies can create a drag on our consciousness and our perception. I won’t say that there are evil gremlins here per se, but there are heavier, darker energies that challenge the brightness that each of us thought to bring to the planet when we incarnated. And lo and behold, when we came unprepared for this happiness-sucking pull, we became vulnerable to the human ego telling us that it is all our fault, all our responsibility, that we must step up and make change happen, make it happen now.

And yet, we just aren’t that powerful. What started out as good intentions upon arrival has, in our struggle for survival, morphed into dark energy that has turned over-responsibility into guilt, into power-grabbing behaviours, and into blindness to the needs of others, for how can we be concerned with them when we are fighting for our lives?

Don’t feel bad, love, it happens to everyone. That is why we need protection, and protection comes in many forms. It is not just from Archangel Michael, myself, or Jesus as you have just experienced. It comes in as many forms as there are souls asking for deliverance from the tyranny of the ego. It can be any spiritual source, Great Spirit, Yahweh, nature’s mysteries, or formalized religion, whatever works for the particular individual.

For you it provides the lifting of a weight that says you have to be right in every aspect of a reading that you give to one of your treasured clients, that you have to solve their problems, that you have to take it all upon your shoulders. Instead, love, let yourself turn once again to Wystan Auden. You are nothing.

Rejoice in your deliverance, and give Spirit a chance to work through you, offer up your readings, your channeling on this blog to Spirit for manifestation in whatever form it manifests. And believe me love, there will be manifestations you could never have imagined.

You are not out beyond your depth, love, because it’s not about you. So relax, accept the protection of Algiz and the angels and entities that have asked nothing better than to be your facilitators. Ask your readers to connect to their own and enjoy the same release. Each one of us has protectors if we can bring ourselves to be quiet and feel their presence, hear their voices - first just barely audible murmurs, but then, as we become accustomed to the feed, our boon companions.

Greetings, Madame, and congratulation on finally - or at least for a fleeting moment - accepting the help that has followed you all your life and entering into the joy that release, surrender and communion has given you. This is when our work begins. En avant, mon ami.

April 11, 2020

*See on this blog "Richard Burton on Algiz, Protection In Dark Times," February 5, 2020.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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