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Archangel Michael

It is in these times that spiritual bonds become more visible,

more strongly felt, and more accessible.

Ann: Hi Michael, we could use some help down here!

Archangel Michael: Yes, I can see that and I stand ready to be of assistancehelp. Thank you for reaching out, for that is what allows me to come to your aid.

You are entering a time of strife for your country and indeed across the planet, and yet you are not alone. It is in these times that spiritual bonds become more visible, more strongly felt, and more accessible.

I feel you despair at the many wrong turns your country has taken despite all evidence and entreaties to the contrary. You may perhaps feel that all your prayers have gone unanswered, but this is not the case.

Though I and my compatriots may not be able to change your immediate circumstances, we can walk by your side as you traverse this difficult terrain. We can help you navigate dangerous circumstances safely, and we can guide you out of troubled waters.

When you see cruelty go unchecked and lies proliferate without challenge, you wonder where Spirit is in all of this seemingly unchecked evil. Each human’s decision is his or her own, but so too is the decision to travel with Spirit through the fire.

Jesus has taught us that events my overtake us, but we need not lose our souls or our connection with our Creator. Jesus was a man and a teacher overcome by history as many of you on the planet find yourselves now. Like you, he could not always see to the other side of the horrific events that overtook him, but in the face of doubt and despair he persisted.

This is what I ask you to do, to persist in maintaining the connection with myself and your other guides and teachers. Continue to ask for our blessing and assistance in navigating a world seemingly gone crazy.

We will not leave you. We can see further down the road when you cannot. We will travel with you, weep with you, dry your tears, and take your hand so that we travel together going forward. Protection comes in many forms and what we offer is yours for the asking.

Blessings to all.

June 24, 2022

Rune: Algiz ᛉ, Protection.

Free Image Credit: Archangel Michael. An icon from the church of Iprari, Georgia. 12th-13th century.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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As always, love you, Georgie Moon.

You were the first person I wanted to alert; Ann, Michael - Georgie rocks. In her own right, utterly and amazingly intuitive.

A great friend.




Thank you.

Michael.....enormous thanks as well.

So many of us women are not personally presently effected; yet so many of us have striven in various committed forms to protect those souls that are.

We are devastated.

This country continually provides other countries the millions for safe abortions; to discontinue to do so is not even an option.

Yet ......THIS.



May the archangels continue to protect the unprotected. My heart bleeds for them.


My wonderful friend Laurie Sue has managed to convey my thoughts exactly and brilliantly. Thank you 😊. And thank you Ann and Archangel Michael. ♥️☮♥️

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