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Archangel Michael: You Have To Ask To Receive

Othila Rune, homecoming.

Gebo Rune, gift, giver, gift received.

Auralite Crystal Card, mindfulness in the present moment.

I didn’t have writers block until I watched a seminar about writers block. And then I couldn't hear any of my spirit friends. Then I remembered that Archangel Michael always says to ask for help. So I did, and also pulled the above runes for good measure.

Archangel Michael: "Ask and you shall receive." I believe you have heard this from a far greater source than I. You do not have to go through this world alone. It makes me sad to see the expectations that you put on yourselves. The beautiful thing about this blog, Ann, is that you post what comes to you either out of your own experience or because someone who has your respect contacts you to speak here. Nothing is forced.

In the same way we can be with you if you ask, but we cannot force you to do so. I believe I speak for all your guide friends when I say please ask for our help. Sometimes a simple, “Help me!” is sufficient. Sometimes, a scream deep in your soul is heard and answered even though you may not realize that you called.

Many of you have no doubt had experiences like these. Each time you have asked and received help, your faith in us, in yourself, and in the reality of other dimensions grows, and you become closer to your guides whose sole purpose is your expansion and protection.

I wonder if you might consider writing down or at least noting when these prayers, for that is what they are, are answered. Sometimes you might be inclined to dismiss them out of hand as coincidence or a flight of your imagination. But look more closely at the pattern. When danger, hardship, injury or death was averted or insight received, had you asked in one way or another?

We in the other dimensions live for these moments of connection with you, and each time we connect we hope to turn a simple prayer into a conversation. It is not hard to do, witness Ann and Richard. He is now there for her pretty much on demand, and sometimes can push his way in when she needs him. Other spirits speaking on this blog are beginning to do that now so that she has running conversations she can dip into whenever she wants.

Everyone can do this. I know because I have received many calls and have delighted in the ongoing conversation that follow. Find the spirit with whom you have an affinity and ask. Or find someone who can elbow their way into your consciousness.

And don’t forget yours truly who is here for each and every one of you in times of need and danger. I am a protector, call on me, I will answer.

July 26, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Amy David
Amy David
Nov 29, 2020

I needed to read this again tonight.


Amy David
Amy David
Sep 08, 2020

Ann, you’re like the Swedenborg of our times. I love these Conversations you write down.


Jul 27, 2020

Amen, Rhody.


Jul 27, 2020

Thanks so much Ann and Archangel Michael for this post .I just had a reading with Anita today and this post is totally connected .Nothing is an accident.

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