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Channeled Reading: The Senate Impeachment Trial

Please talk to me about the Senate Impeachment Trial.

Runes: (Read from right to left.)

Action Challenge Overview.

Blank Rune Hagalaz Sowelu

AbsoluteTrust Hail/Cosmic Evolution Light, Life Force

Animal Medicine Card: Weasel, stealth, he who sees what is when sent to the Enemy Camp, intrigue uncovered.

Richard: Yes, I will take point though others are here also.

You have received a rune message of immense power and strength.

Alpha and Omega, Sowelu, is the overview rune symbolizing that which illuminates, that which brings us closer to spirit, the dynamic connection between heaven and earth. Sowelu is the essence of the divine force of spirit that illuminates all realms, and this is what underlays and overspreads this reading.

The Senate hearing is a means of shining this holy light upon the darkness that has tried to overtake it, and it will be successful in rooting out that darkness.

It is challenged by Hagalaz, hail, the icy orb of disruption which nonetheless contains the cosmic seed of life. With its disruption, comes illumination as it breaks open and exposes all that is counter to the life force that feeds the universe. No untruth will stand before its power. It is referred to by some as the Great Awakener. Such was the storming of the Capitol, and, as such, Hagalaz teaches us that within it destruction are the seeds of new life.

The Senate trial will end in technical defeat, but that defeat, more than any victory, will expose the dark motives of those whose spirits have surrendered to fear and temptation. Never again will they be able to hide behind “spin” that attempts to distort the powerful truth of betrayal has been revealed.

You are asked to trust. The coming of the light is in train. Weasel is the spy in the camp who sees the truth which has been shredded but not, for Weasel, beyond recognition, for Weasel is stealth, and stealth deployed in the service of truth against duplicity will carry the day.

The Blank Rune, absolute trust, not mindless, not passive, but absolute, is asked of you as you work to remove the dark shroud that has covered this land under the rule of the fearful few. It will happen.

Sowelu will not be denied.

February 11, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Feb 11, 2021

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Feb 11, 2021


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