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Coping: Part One

Franklin and Fudge.

I gotta say, this impeachment stalemate is getting me down, but I have been assured that there are ways of coping. Part One of a three part series is offered by the above pictured wisdom figures.

The Same Coin


I’m the family guard dog.

And, Lord knows, this family needs one,

They are clueless.

They sit around on the porch laughing and talking

While anyone, anyone, could just waltz in and rob them blind…

Or even murder them in their sleep.

So I watch. And I listen. And I watch. And I listen.

Perhaps I’ll join the Secret Service

Where people know what’s going on

Cause this job is giving me ulcers.


I’m not the family guard dog.

I’m the greeting committee committee.

Everyone is welcome, everyone is loved.

Even burglars need a friend you know.

I never worry because people are just so nice.

- Ann Weber

January 25, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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