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Demon Doubt: Richard Burton to the Rescue

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

This work has been a gift beyond measure to me, but sometimes I start to question that these communications are real, and such was the case after I posted Patrick Swayze’s piece. So when I got myself in a tailspin, I turned to Richard.

"Your job is just to hear it, write it, and let it go."

Ann: Richard, am I a fake?

Richard: You’re asking me, love? Why would I be a part of such a conspiracy? But if you are asking if you are perfect, well, I’m afraid I have good news for you. No. Are you expecting yourself to be able to transcribe word for word with unlimited access to a deceased individual’s life and deeds? Because if so, you are doomed to failure. You are obsessing about Patrick's piece, yes?

A: Yes. I reread it, and the second part doesn’t sound much like him, it sounds more like you or me. And while we are at it, do I sound like you?

R: You should only be so fortunate. But seriously, love, I really am not sure what the problem is.

A: I knew of his marital/family situation, not the conclusions but the bare bones accounts of his early upbringing, struggles with alcohol, allegations against his wife, etc.

R: Well, of course. If you are going to talk to someone, you had best do them the courtesy of learning a bit about their lives. You did not, however, come up with the allegations and conclusions that Patrick made in that post.

A: I’m not sure about that. I don’t know his voice very well, but the first part of the post when I was tired rings right, the last part not so much.

R: You need to let it go, love. You know you heard him, had him hanging about for days. Your reaction of relief when you were finally able to transcribe his words should be enough to allay your concerns. However, if you need more “proof,” consider that the smoke demons of doubt have crept under your door to undermine your confidence which often means you are a threat to someone or some force. You may be wrong. You will be wrong sometimes. Your job is just to hear it, write it, and let it go. Move on, love. This is still your work. If you bobbled – and I don’t think you did in the main transport of his message – then let it go, move on to the next, and try not to second guess your fingers with your mind.

A: OK. Thanks. I guess.

R: Witch.

A: Alright, thank you for always being there, somehow I don’t question your voice.

R: See that you don’t, I am very sensitive.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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