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Do The Next Right Thing. We Don't Need To Be Frozen

Lily, Snow in Spring.

Ann: Richard would you talk to me about the next right thing?

Richard: With the greatest pleasure, love, for, in truth, that is all that is required of us. You fret that you are not doing enough, that what you are given to transmit on this blog will be taken from you, that, in spite of the platitudes swirling around on the fate of our little world, nothing changes. Well, my dear, you have hit upon the resolution have you not? All you have to do is the next right thing.

I have to admit to some level of humiliation that this concept has been brought to bear by the Disney machine. Yet, I wonder, who were the guiding forces that created the Frozen behemoth? Who among the writers or group of writers came to instill a holy message in a children's film? Who among the producers, et al, decided that such a message was a money maker and directed this message at the developing minds of children who are currently and incessantly exposed to the niggardly mindset of the current ruling class who serve only their own miserly and pitiful egos?

If nothing else, this should lead us to understand that there are angels embedded everywhere, and that these particular angels put a critical message for our day at the center of Frozen II. Do the next right thing. Do not project further, do not count the consequences, do not shrink from pain, humiliation, or loss, and do not bow before the mores of your clan or tribe. Just do the next right thing.

Is this not the answer to the modern morass? If we would all just do the next right thing, there would be no room for evil or confusion. We could simply walk a straight line to God. Not an easy one, of course, but clear. And in this world clarity is at a premium, and here it is offered up to all of us from an unlikely source so let that be a lesson to us to keep our eyes and hearts open.

We can then take our comfort, our direction, and our solace where we find it, and we will find ourselves far from frozen but bathed in the warm flow of Spirit’s heat and energy and ready to do the next right thing.

May 5, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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