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Dream Team: Robin Williams and Richard Burton

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Sorry, guys, I just couldn't resist this picture. Gotta admit there is a certain resemblance.....

Well, that's what they get for double-teaming me - which they did and apparently plan to continue....

"Emerging out of the mist is the dawning understanding of what we got right, what we missed, and what we can do

to assist those of you still bound by that mortal coil,

and in the process atone for some of our missteps."

Ann: Robin, with Anita’s* help, I am slowly digesting our last conversation. Do I understand correctly that you want an ongoing conversation with me similar to that which I have with Richard Burton**?

Robin Williams: Yes, correct. This is not a one shot deal for us. We have much to talk about as I have much to examine and correct, and you are still trying to sort out life experience from your limited human perspective. With both of us in conversation, much can be explored, the understanding of voices available to humans both positive and negative, how to tell the difference –

And get rid of the dark force above your head, Ann, we have no time of place for such creatures. Be gone, we have no place for you here.

A: OK, used the protective spray and told him to beat it.

RW: Good. This is holy space, space for exploration of the light, and, yes, the forces of darkness in so much as we can repel them with our laughter, with our jokes, with our ridicule, and with our love. Come and let us go together on a miraculous journey to lift us both up and to transmit to others at some appropriate time the joy and wonder of the eternal life connection as expressed in human form both current and former.

A: Do you know Richard?

RW: Yes, yes, as two large egos now steeped in humility know each other as brothers. You and he have broken ground on this project, and the earth is now fallow for continued planting and harvesting for many beings and many expressions of Holy Spirit.

A: What do you think, Richard? I can feel you are here.

Richard Burton: Yes, indeed, love, would not want to be anywhere else, this is an amazing opportunity for all concerned. I think I can speak for Robin in saying that, when arriving here initially, what you sometimes refer to as "the other side," there is great confusion about where we have been and about what is to come next. Emerging out of the mist is the dawning understanding of what we got right, what we missed, and what we can do to assist those of you still bound by that mortal coil, and in the process atone for some of our missteps. I think we will make a pretty good coaching team for you and your tribe with our different perspectives and voices, not forgetting Auntie as a part of this tribe.

What, did you think I would be jealous?

A: Creep. No. But I don’t really know how to talk to more than one person at a time.

RB: And you need not unless it seems desirable. Parallel tracks, my dear, that’s what we are after here. Robin?

RW: Exactly, couldn’t have said it better myself and certainly not in those stentorian and mellifluous tones. He still has that, don’t you know, just as I have retained the rapid-fire spitting contest way of speaking when that method suits me. But in this we are both delighted to be communicating what we see as lacking from the lives of many, that is, hope, laughter, understanding, and joy.

RB: Well, Robin is better at that than I. I see myself rather in the role of reforming cynic, and foresee that we will rub along tolerably well together with these different angles.

Let this sink in for a while, love. And then open your heart to this expanding correspondence and see where it takes you. Who could have imagined your path thus far so why try to anticipate it now?

A: Not I, certainly. OK, guys, I will take these things and ponder them in my heart, as Mary said, and try just to follow where the path leads.

RB: Yes, excellent plan. Good night, love,

RW: Thank you, Ann, for taking this on, it’s gonna be a blast.

** "Converstations with Richard: It's Not Over When You Die." See under "Book" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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2 comentários

Kathryn Gray
Kathryn Gray
13 de nov. de 2019

Hi Ann, I am not a channel, but wish I was. Tell both Richard and Robin to feel free to try to connect to me. I do automatic writing every day, (trying to connect to my love ones who have passed away), and sometimes I get a "hit" with the information and many times I don't. I keep trying. Know that I admire and respect all of you and I want to thank you for the work you do. In the meantime, I will keep checking in with the wonderful insights all of you are offering to us viewers. God bless you. Kathy


13 de nov. de 2019

I have been talking to Richard daily; now I will include Robin as well... still, I am not sure they are aware of me and that I very much desire their assistance as channeling is not my forte. Nevertheless, I will forge onward. If you might, please avail them of my presence if that is copacetic with you, Ann. Sincere thanks....🌸

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