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Edgar Cayce: You Have The Tools

I felt Mr. Cayce around me so I went to look up something about him since I am pretty ignorant of his life and work. But he had other ideas....

Edgar Cayce: Ann, do go looking for trouble in all them ole stories and records. Listen up now to what I’m about to tell you. We are coming into some hard times, no doubt about it, but we are prepared. The scars that came from before, the holocaust, the many genocides that have been perpetrated in the name of some do awful kind of purity, have all served to enlighten us as to what is not the way of the Christ.

So now when we see it returning, we can call it what it is, a return to fear under the banner of hatred and power. We see those who build their lives on the backs of others, genuflecting to their own graven images, the gods of money, power, sexual gratification, and indulgence.

We see no real ascetics take up the new mantle of the fascist flag, for these would-be leaders are grounded only in their own ego gratification. No, there is no great leader, just a gaggle of poppycocks spouting out their own self-gratifying fantasies.

And it can sound good, we know that, but now we have seen it before. The world is small enough for what happens there to be seen here and remembered in the transactions between soul and soul, spirit and spirit, each playing the role that was giving them for the education of those who came after.

It defies understanding, but we seem to fall into the trap again and again. But not this time, at least not all the way. I want each of you to take you own humanity, your healthy body and your spiritual integrity into your own hands.

Take what you have been given, be it illness or heath, abundance or not, and transform within that set of givens a monument to the gods that created you, body and soul. Lift up your heart, ask for the help to heal both together. We move much too slowly down the path of physical healing because we try to separate the physical from out spiritual destinies.

This we must no longer do. Consciousness begets healing. Each of you have the consciousness within what I accessed to offer healing to those in my time. You no longer need an interventionist. You have the means and the skills and the tools within your reach. Now you must summon the will.

Proclaim your own manifesto. So what if you are tired and discouraged at what you see falling by the wayside under the onslaught of mendacity and misinformation? Proclaim your own truth. Find it within your soul and live it to the fullest whatever that may mean in your world.

You will feel my hand on your shoulder and the warmth of my vision at your back, a vision that sees that the world is a community, that no one can be left behind, that we can no longer save ourselves to the detriment of others. We work toward the good of all, the health of all who have made the perilous journey to this planet.

Let me give you three tenants to carry with you into this new and unsettling world:

1. You are made of water. Align yourself with this holy liquid and eschew the foods that lower your energies and focus.

2. Your strength comes from your roots, some from the sea, some from the stars, others from the land and natural creations. Find your own primary source of energy and focus your energies in that area. both for renewal and inspiration.

3. From the one is many, from the many one. Feel yourself as part of this evolution as you move seamlessly between individual to community to cosmos and back again, each a part of the whole and the whole a part of each.

Your life progressed under these banners will take you where you meant to go when you undertook this great adventure. Release the need to follow every blip on the auric files of this crucially timed experiment.

You are becoming what you are. Find it, claim it, follow it.

May 25, 2023

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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1 comentario

25 may 2023

This message is so deftly, succinctly and beautifully written.

So clear and understandable.

Definitely not a simple utterance. 😉

Me gusta
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