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Harriet Tubman: Light Is Stronger

We in a dark time and that's when we gotta shine.

Ann: Auntie?

Harriet Tubman: Sho’ is. Ain’t no way you gonna lose me cause you fightin' the same war I fought then and still fightin' now. Oh, it may change names and places, it may be a war to keep black folks down or brown skinned folks out or even that war to keep women where they make the mastas look good, but they the same. And now them same mastas done come outa the closet again, and it’s lookin’ like the same thing over and over again.

But now we done gone back to my day when folks would stand up and say they better’n all the others, that dark skinned folks ain’t really folks at all, just some sub species that don't need no respect or care. They done let that genie out’n the bottle again, and them folks got no shame.

So here we go again into that dark tunnel where we been befo’. And that’s the advantage, we done been here befo’, and now, though it feel the same, we know who we dealin’ with, somehow it’s different. We see these supposedly upstandin' folks bow befo’ the Anti-Christ of white power. Then, when they have to choose, they choose power, domination, and oppression. This time, there ain’t no excuse, they know better.

And that means we gets to choose too. We don’t have no excuses like defendin’ our home or protecting our children like they tell themselves. We see good and clear now that these folks has said they children worth more than our’n, and that they will take down every black, brown or Asian child who stands in the way of their castle of evil.

Cause that’s what it be. Evil, plain and simple. And you ain’t gonna shame evil into becoming good, you gotta shut 'em down. And when you do, some folks will come to their senses, those that followed along and didn’t think too much.

But fo' the rest, they gots to be put away, and it’s becoming clear to yo' president that jes' treatin' people right won’t get the job done. He'p it along, mebbe, but it won’t shut it down cause they will take and take and still destroy everything you built up along the way.

So’s we in a dark time and that's when we gotta shine. Jes' one little light make a whole lotta difference in the dark. Be that light, every chance you get, shine it on that darkness and those that made that wrong choice.

Be the light that shows a different way to be safe and strong. It may not seem like it now, but they is mo’ of us than they is of them, and some of them is looking for a way out. Show them what it be to hold that light, let those who will come over, and hold them others accountable.

Even in darkness, maybe specially then, light is stronger.

October 17, 2021

Free Image: truthseeker08, Pixabay.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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