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Henri Nouwen: Create Space In Your Innermost Self

Today I imagined my inner self as a place crowded with pins and needles. How could I receive anyone in my prayer when there is no place for them to be free and relaxed? When I am still so full of preoccupations, jealousies, angry feelings, anyone who enters will get hurt. I had a very vivid realization that I must create some free space in my innermost self so that I may indeed invite others to enter and be healed. To pray for others means to offer others a hospitable place where I can really listen to their needs and pains. Compassion, therefore, calls for a self-scrutiny that can lead to inner gentleness.

- Henri Nouwen*

APRIL 29, 2021

*Henri Nouwen Society, Daily Meditation, April 29, 2021 | Comment on this Daily Meditation

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