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How Can Good People Support Trump?

John McCain and Harriet Tubman Weigh In.

I have friends who are Trump supporters. They are good people. There is no talking to them about this. Can any of you say something about this?

John McCain: Did you ever doubt it? Annie, some people are as just thick as bricks…..

Auntie (Harriet Tubman): She cain’t hardly believe it, Johnny, cause she ain’t never had to live with ‘em. But I has, and I can tell you that, however upstanding they may be according to their lights, there ain’t nothin’ that’s gonna get through they self-importance. It don’t matter if they the nicest, most helpful folks in the world, they just know what they know, and they ain’t agoin’ to change.

John: You got that right, Auntie. Annie can’t understand how they can be two types of people at once, but these folks have developed a code. A code, by God. It worked once or twice, maybe got them out of hell so that’s the law from now on, no questions asked. Because if they look at the holes in that code there gonna see the holes in their own soul, and that would never do.

Auntie: They ain’t gonna be able to stand the sight, the things that they done thought about peoples who not as blessed as they is. They thinks they done got where they is on they own steam, and nobody hepped them so anybody can make it work if he takes a mind to.

Ann: Yes, maybe for some, but the people I’m thinking about go out of their way to help everyone. Even if they don’t have much, they will give you whatever they have.

John: Yes, and that’s a good thing as far as it goes, and there’ a place in heaven for folks with that part of their mind set. It’s the other part of the mind and heart that is frozen. The rigid, “I know how it is and how it ought to be and no one can tell me different” mindset.

They operate on a closed system. Some parts kind and compassionate and other parts cold as a stone. And at the base of it all is anger. Anger because they have had to work so hard and other people haven't and seem to do better. The world isn’t fair, and they can’t forget that. It takes a big person, a person grounded in Spirit to let that go.

Auntie: They think they’s God deep down - or they should be cause they can tell wrong from right and they will make the judgements. No questions, no appeal. Don’t push them cause you gonna start a fire you cain’t put out.

So just let them be and admire what they doing in parts of their life and understand how lonely they feel in the other part cause it’s no fun to think you have to be God and to know you ain’t got the chops.

John: Closed circuit television, the same loop over and over. Nothing will get in until the most extreme circumstances push them into realizing that, try as they may they are not in control.

I know a little bit about those circumstances. There was a young man I knew who was a hot shot pilot, not nearly as good as he thought he was, who went through life doing every outrageous thing he could think of because he thought the rules didn’t apply to him since he was never gonna be able to live up to them anyway. He would try anything dare anything. He could handle it. He was sure of it.

And then came Vietnam and five years of being shown that he was nothing, nothing of his own - but everything when God was with him. It took him a while not to fall back into his old patterns, but this time he would try anything, dare anything, not to prove how smart and strong he was but because that didn’t matter, but to stand up for what was right and protect those who couldn’t. And never, never let this country be put in the situation he had had to face. He wasn't always right but he had learned how to learn.

I would have been one of those closed circuit, arrogant s.o.b.’s but for the horror of that time. It may take that for those that are heading that way now.

Your died-in-the-wool Trump supporters can’t see the government as anything other than robber barons out to take whatever they can get their hands on of what rightly belongs to good working folks. F*** the rules, every man for himself.

Well, the jungle is nice when you’re healthy and strong and the government is on your side, but no one stays that way forever. Life will eventually intervene to offer an alternative point of view.

In the meantime, Annie, love the friends whose circular tapes are playing constantly, and be thankful for what the Lord has given you.

Auntie: Amen

August 21, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Aug 22, 2020

Yeah, Jane, I am living that dream also....


Jane Basehoar
Jane Basehoar
Aug 22, 2020

Wow, I certainly appreciate having the perspective that Auntie and John have supplied to also help me understand quite a few members of my own family and folks that I used to work with. The kindest hearts when called upon in helping others and yet defiantly and militantly defending the most heinous and morally corrupt acts by this president. Thank you so much Ann for getting this much needed clarification.

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