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How Do We Communicate With Our Guides? Please Share Your Experiences Below

Many of you - and myself also - have wanted to know more about communicating with guides and higher energy beings. This morning my internet went down, and that seemed to start a conversation with Richard.

Ann: Good morning, Richard. You don’t have to worry about computer connections, do you?

Richard Burton: No, that isn’t one of the irritations that distract my days. In any case, I was long gone before the day of online access entered every sphere of life on the planet. Nowadays experience, direct experience, is almost lost to virtual reality.

Ann: Well, what are you and I doing? Do we have some kind of electrical connection like the internet?

Richard: No, not at all. Our connection is simply a lifting of the eyes to behold what was already there.

Such communication does, however, require that humans develop an ability to elevate their natural frequencies so as to receive. For those of us elsewhere, we must learn to compress our modalities so as to transmit, i.e., to be heard, seen, or felt on your level. I myself have enjoyed the exercise because, as you know, the words of the English language were a never-ending delight to me.

Ann: But if you don’t need them, why are you still enamored?

Richard: Because that’s how I communicate with those of you on the planet, that’s how I can make myself heard and recognized.

Ann: Is it important that you be recognized?

Richard: I regret to say that, due the vicissitudes of earthly time and memory, it is becoming less so. I am, when all is said and done, a worker in the field. I had a certain energy that was supercharged as it related to my fellows, and, unfortunately, I did not direct it very effectively. I floundered around just like anyone else, just more publicly.

(Irritated) But I didn't cut out like you just did, Madame…. (I stopped listening to him to check the internet.)

Ann: Sorry, internet just kicked in.

Richard: And why should that interrupt this conversation? The attention span of the modern person is essentially that of a gnat. Constant stimulation seems to be required to maintain a conversation..

Ann: Which is why you had I get along so well. You are you easily bored, are you not? As you would say....

Richard: Touché, Madame. But I shall not be derailed to engage in banter which would be a perfect example of the distractibility we are discussing.

So, to return to our topic, you and I are connecting on a frequency which is pretty superficial, that is, words which have to be transmitted and typed. And though it is faster than taking dictation, still there is translation involved. Deeper communication is available, however, and for that some attention to focus must be offered.

Ann: Meditation?

Richard: Yes. I know you cringe at the thought (pun intended), but that is because you have allowed yourself to be swept up in the internet access and instant gratification that is prevalent in your world.

It does, however, allow you to be a perfect instrument for communication with those – which is almost everyone – who have a similar lack of focus. That is why your blogs work for a number of people. They are short, long enough to say something, but not requiring a commitment of attention on the part of the reader.

Oddly enough this pandemic has amplified those qualities when one might have thought that, with extra time, a more deliberate approach to reading, listening, and understanding, might have been pursued.

Ann: Are you saying that we have to slow ourselves down so that Spirit can reach us?

Richard: No. Communication can be achieved in a variety of modalities, witness your communication with your animals. True union with Source, however, is devoid of pace, time, or orientation, and that is the goal of all those who walk the earth, and the current level of distraction, inattention, and impulsivity makes that more challenging.

Ann: So why are we doing it?

Richard: Because paradoxically it makes initial access easier. You are beginning to operate at speeds more likely to elevate to access from other dimensions and that is what happens with you and many of your readers.

We are in uncharted territory, my dear, where on one level human communication begins to develop characteristics of extraterrestrial interaction and will eventually be on a par with same. Then it is that the other end of the spectrum must be explored more fully, not just by Buddhist monks and those in religious orders, but by every person on the planet so that we begin to have access to a fuller spectrum of the multiversal creation.

Not to worry, it is happening at its own pace. As we charge into high speed everything, we will eventually hit the unexpected, and then we will have to slow down to assimilate. It is happening. Just ask your readers.

Readers? Any such experiences? “Raised frequencies,” otherworldly communications? If you think others might benefit from your experiences, please let us know in the comment section below.

August 18, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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