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Is Dark Bad?

South Pole Wall From The Milky Way Galaxy

Nobody knows exactly what dark matter is made of, but according to cosmologists it provides the gravitational scaffolding for the luminous structures in the universe — galaxies, galaxy clusters, superclusters, voids and chains like the South Pole Wall, all connected by spidery filaments in what’s known as the cosmic web. The visible universe of stars and galaxies, cosmologists like to say, is like snow on mountaintops or lights on dark, distant Christmas trees.

Ann: I read the above in an article in the New York Times today.* Would one of you talk to me about the mystery of dark energy?

????: Of course. Contrast is everything. Can you imagine a world consisting only of light? You would become instantly blind and, in fact, cease to exist.

Ann: Is this where we are going?

????: Could be if we manage to blow ourselves up entirely. Between total light and total darkness there is very little divergence, for without contrast there is no perception at all on a physical or spiritual level. The great experiment of the earth and its inhabitants is to try to achieve balance without knowledge. We are asked to come in blind and figure out the answers.

The ego, so often maligned, is the gravitational force that keeps us organized, keeps us from flying away into nothingness. Our egos on this planet are like gravity and, as such, are as essential in the created world on this planet as gravity is in the universe - indeed, the cosmos itself.

Ann: How about the world where you are now?

????: Ann, I have been trying to tell you as I tried repeatedly to get the message across while I was incarnated, that there is no difference between where I am now and where you are at the moment. Yes, the geography is different and my vision is unencumbered here, but the relative realms are merely calibrations on the same wheel of creation.

There is dark and light in all of the cosmos. If only we could get a glimpse of the wonder of the full creation, we would tend our created self-centers with more care and respect so that we can take our gravitational place in the great tapestry in peace and harmony.

There is no joy apart from that of union and reunion with the Great Creator. Do not worry overmuch that you cannot “see” past the earthly realm. The created universe exists within every soul and is a microcosm of the whole.

It is up to each of us to find the balance of his or her particular soul in its surrounding world. As each individual develops over an infinitesimal lifespan, we move in a ballet of ebb and flow with our selves, our families, our communities, and our God as we begin to glimpse our place in the cosmological tapestry.

Ann: Professor Einstein?

Albert Einstein: Oh yes, didn’t I say so? I do apologize, I sometimes get distracted. I so appreciate the opportunity to get these concepts out among those of you who grapple daily with what your see as a fight between light and dark.

I want you to know that It is not a fight. It is a dynamic process of growth and expansion that requires balance and rebalance when we individually or collectively find our worlds out of whack.

Give thanks for dark energy, for it provides fuel for growth and expansion. Confined and tamed, it leads us into spheres we could not otherwise have glimpsed with a hundred thousand exponentially tempered telescopes.

Notice the darkness within yourself. Do not automatically try to slam it down. Ask what it can contribute to your growth. If it threatens to take over and challenge your equilibrium, retain its more valuable incentives and discard the rest.

In this way, you balance and rebalance your little microcosm of expanding creation as a gift to the whole.

July 12, 2020

*”Beyond the Milky Way, a Galactic Wall,” by Dennis Overbye, New York Times, July 10 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Amy David
Amy David
Sep 08, 2020

I loved how you put ????? for the speaker and the identified him! Brilliant approach. In my mind I was thinking ”I wonder if this is Einstein“ and then you asked. This one was fun to read.

im having such a great time reading these, Ann. Thank you for putting them to ethereal paper, haha!


Jul 12, 2020

Love this.

I tire beyond exception to those who will perpetually utter "you're being negative", when stating something they do not want to acknowledge.

I see POSSIBILITY in dark AND light, particularly in dark.

And, hell yes, there are some days (months, actually, sometimes years) that profoundly irk my soul.

Yet, to me, it is the dark that has brought a salvation of sorts, a healing like no other as I have journyed through some very deep wounds . 'Tis life. And thanks to individuals on this planet like you, Ann, and David...and Scott Alan, to name a few....the light thus far still prevails.

My best to Pete and Richard.

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