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It Is Coming.

Ann: Hi Richard, I seem to just want to run and hide these days, have trouble even coming here.

Richard Burton: Ah yes, that is quite understandable given the unknown and unforgiving nature of the illness sweeping the globe. I don’t believe I ever faced anything so insidious and lethal as what you are encountering today, primarily for the reason that it is not individual but thrives in numbers. It then separates one from the other in the most heartbreaking of situations. It is hard to get your mind around it, is it not?

Ann: Yeah, I just stay on my farm and eat chocolate. I think I should be facing something but not sure what.

Richard: Ah Madame, you always think that you should be doing something unpleasant. It is true that much hardship is being visited upon your fellows and at least not yet upon you and your immediate family, but I do not therefore recommend a course of sackcloth and ashes.

Bringing anxiety and worry to a scene that already has an overflow is not the wisest course. Instead, I would suggest you do your best to lift your consciousness to the highest frequency available and then send out the light that you imbibe from that experience to those whom you meet or hold in your thoughts.

Much can be accomplished by a conscious determination to pull from the light down into this dimension. The dispersal of lighter energies lifts everyone up. It is not heroic to allow yourself to descend into to the depths of despair or the slough of despond. It is your job to take in heavenly energy and let that be dispersed instead.

Much of this crisis is self-taught. By that I mean the habits that humans have allowed to have sway over more long-headed counsel. We have developed a grasshopper mentality and have pooh-poohed the ant setting aside stores for the winter. Witness not only this virus, but pollution, climate change, and drug-resistant disease. Instant gratification, my favorite by the way, has blinded us to the joy of deeper gratification, the gratification that satisfies our souls.

We will learn much from this stretch, not least the ability to discern truth from falsehood. What is said will come to be seen as meaningless next to what is being done. And this is where the transformation of the human ethos can evolve if we are patient enough to let it into our own hearts, derived from our own observations and from our own experiences.

When we slow down, we will start to feel, to filter, and to receive what the universe is offering us, that is, its unwavering acceptance and love. And then we will not be able to act unless we are in accordance with these values. No, not everyone will come to this realization, but there will be enough of us to turn the tide. Hold on, my lovelies, it is coming.

April 6, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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