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Jesus and Mary Magdalene: We Are Real

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Ann: Jesus?

Jesus: Yes, Miriam is here also. You have made the change. We are real to you now rather some disembodied message that you can transcribe. You won’t leave us now. Those things that you could not see before are open to your vision now. You walk with guides by your side and now you have turned the corner into vision and knowing.

Everyone has these guides, the ones who speak to their heart’s core. More and more people are realizing their presence, not just as a nice fantasy, but as a reality in a complex universe, one that is beyond the bounds of rational description or comprehension on one level but yet immediate and verifiable on another. Just ask Dr. Einstein, he walked in both worlds. Science, expanding science and metascience, touches the mysteries of the universe because it can demonstrate in abstract theories that which is beyond three dimensional comprehension.

Miriam: But enough of that, let’s get back to basics. We rejoice to be in your knowing company. We have much to share with you, much to receive from you, for it is when we can move with and through the incarnation of those of you in this intense and expanding period that we can be most effective. Think of it like a kindly army whose troops you can now feel assembled at your back, walking with you, offering consult, commentary and companionship when you need it.

It will take some getting used to though many of you have been travelling in this direction for many years. You may feel an internal tremor. You are just adjusting to the raised frequencies necessary to accommodate this more constant level of communication. That will take some getting used to. And then you will have this to offer to those who want to share their own journeys with you.

Many are travelling this road now. This is what is meant by when it is said that armies gather in the east. With the rising sun and all those who have risen to take the day is a gathering of light-minded souls who move with us to restructure the human experiment so that light and dark can serve each other as they were originally set out to do.

Jesus: The Book of Revelation tracts this process in channeled guidance, a process which is also found neuroscience, quantum physics, metaphysics, astronomy, and astrology, to name a few fields of knowledge. “We need not fear for God is near!” is the rallying cry of all who awaken now. Trite as that may sound, our presence is becoming known to many of you in ways only dimly perceived previously. This is a time of great celebration in the midst of great peril because this is the time of light, of vision, and the realization of our essential natures in Source.

When we walk with you, your vision is restored, confusion dissipates, and great joy floods your being. It takes some time to assimilate, but now we are no longer floundering in darkness, but reaching out, arms upraised for light, healing, and salvation.

Miriam: And do not mistake this for a purely Christian thing. This is Christian only in the way that Jesus Christ embodied the spirit of our Creator, the same spirit that we all can receive now in our own bodies. Such awakening reaches across all spiritual traditions, for such traditions are at their core a seeking to return to the wholeness that we sacrificed to our empire building egos.

I am here to say that we are not divine in the sense that we are different from any other human. We are divine as you are divine. Revelation is the process of reclaiming our divinity in the midst of recognizing our true humanity. Each and every one of you has a connection to holy friendships that have carried you through many journeys. Acknowledge your friends. They are waiting for you.

We come now to remind you who you are, both human and divine, formed in Source and conceived in a cosmic expansion that is coming full circle. Yes, you may hear the screams of the beast as it relinquishes its power, but these screams are as nothing next to the gentle whispers of divine friendship offered to each one of you.

We are relentless! We will not make it easy for you to turn away. Come and rejoice with us!

July 23, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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