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Jesus: Keepers Of The Flame

No false prophet can touch you

when you love in concert with your Maker.

Jesus: I ask that you each be keepers of the flame. Though darkness may surround you, though illness or violence may threaten, though those who profess to have your best interests at heart betray the very values they claim to espouse, I ask that you keep the flame of the Christ love alive in your heart.

I walked the earth as you do now. I struggled with violence, death, lies, and deception such as you see before you now. I faltered, I turned to anger, I asked for deliverance until finally I found my salvation. And that salvation was not in temporal victory. It was not in defeat of those whole false tongues put the lie to my life’s work. It was not in revenge or retribution.

Salvation was in tending what I knew to be the truth, first in my own heart, and then in fanning that flame everywhere I found it, every time I got the chance, in words, yes, but more importantly in non-action and outreach, simply being with my fellows.

This is how we keep the flame of God’s love in times of confusion and darkness. This is the most powerful weapon we have to hand, the offering of understanding and compassion to ourselves and each other.

No longer can we hide in our corners and hope that the encroaching darkness will just go away. Many of you have fought this fight before in unremembered battles in unremembered lives. Many shrink to be asked to step forward once again. But when we recognize that our Creator has asked once again for our service, we will see ourselves in her love and be guided toward our own role in this evolving creation.

That love is where our happiness lies, where we go when we are discouraged, for there is an infinite well of connection between human and divine, and there is where we find our hearts purpose.

Do not look down, look up. Do not give up, simply move in whatever ways God has given you to create your own life’s story, for that is where your joy will be revealed. No false prophet can touch you when you love in concert with your Maker. Despair may threaten, but it has no teeth when faced with the love that illuminates its dark corners.

This is the flame we must tend, the way of peace, the offered hand, gratitude overflowing for those whose hands have lifted us up in that same way, our angels, guides, brother and sister spirits. These are our spiritual clans, and they grow hourly in strength and purpose.

When you falter, turn to your family. They will see you right.

June 16, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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