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John McCain: Saying Yes

This time we will have to stand up or roll over to oppression and hatred - there is no place to hide, we will have to choose.

Ann: Hi John, I heard you while I was reading Merlin’s post thinking how different his voice is from yours and then heard you say “You bet it is. Hello, right here, helloooo.” From which I gathered that you had something you wanted to say.

John: Yes, I do.

My God, a militarized Capitol, a guardsman or sixteen on every corner. Never did I think to see an armed insurrection in our own country, but here we are, and, in the spirit of saying yes to every experience in life, let’s see what it has to offer.

And I hear you wanting to know if I said yes to the hell hole in Hanoi. This is not the time or place to discuss that, but yes. I would not have survived otherwise – or certainly not intact – though some people may have questioned the term when applied to yours truly.

But back to our regularly scheduled program, our Capitol City armed to the teeth. It ain’t a pretty sight for sure, but this time they won’t get through the barriers. That Christopher Wray is as mad as hell. He was misled by more than one person, some of them in high up positions and some of them in his own shop, and, believe you me, he is going after them and will pick 'em off one by one.

Ann: You mean the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon heads?

John: You bet your ass I do, and the rest of them too. Those lily-livered chumps think they can pull the wool over everybody’s eyes by saying, “Oh, you were talking to me? Sorry, I misunderstood.” No, this time It will not serve. They were installed as puppets designed for one purpose and one purpose only and that was to guarantee the ascendance of their Dear Leader, and they performed on cue. Well now a different cue is coming down.

Joe is sure gonna have his hands full, but there's no better guy to juggle all those balls. Chris has some housecleaning of his own to do, not just in DC but all over the country. Nothing like a mob of foul-mouthed armed idiots to bring home to you exactly what this country has come to.

They were always waiting for an excuse to erupt into racial hatred. “Those black folks just don’t seem to know their place, and now is the opportunity to make it clear who’s boss.” This time they are saying it out loud, God bless ‘em, so now this time we know where to find them.

No, it doesn’t look good, does it? But it is. This time we will have to stand up or roll over to oppression and hatred. There is no place to hide, we will have to choose.

And there’s no use whining that this isn’t who we are, because this is exactly who we are and who we have been since the beginning. This time, come hell or high water, we have got to grab it by the balls and find a way to be human beings together going forward.

This business of incarnation is a tough gig, and we are all sunk if we don’t help each other through it. It’s tough but it's doable. I don’t want to see any one of you throw up your hands and quit. Between a zero tolerance policy for any kind of racial animus or stereotyping and the creation of opportunity and jobs for all in a society were health care is a right not a privilege, we might just pull this thing off.

So say yes. If we hadn’t been slapped in the face with the wet fish of racist sedition that we experienced on Jan 6, we might never have come to grips with what we are dealing with because it’s a lot easier to keep our heads in the sand.

Remember the date. It will be as infamous as December 7, the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. That event precipitated our entrance into World War II leading to the liberation of the Nazi concentrations camps where millions of Jews had already been murdered.

This time the war has been brought to our own shores because the Nazi soul lives among us, and truth be told, in every one of us if we choose to give it freedom to rule. January 6 has shown us how easily a charismatic leader can enable our darkest angels.

Pick a side my friends, going up or going down, pick a side. This is not time for cowardly retreat. Evil swept under the rug simply gathers strength. So say yes to this time in history, my friends, you will be proud you stood your ground and will make your transition home with your head held high.

January 16, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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3 comentários

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
17 de jan. de 2021

This is one of his best. SO sad that John isn't still in the flesh to be better heard in the world. What wonderful words to lead the charge: just say yes!


16 de jan. de 2021

Amen, Kathryn.


Kathryn Gray
Kathryn Gray
16 de jan. de 2021

WOW! Thank you Ann for posting. I will be watching and praying. This is the time to stand up.

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