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John McCain: The Senate Impeachment Trial

Let me say it again. My friends, we are coming out of a nightmare.

Ann: Hi John.

John McCain: What are you so down in the dumps about? You don’t mean to tell me that that sad excuse for an impeachment trial has gotten you down? You gotta get a grip, girl. Don’t you realize that his Royal Fat Ass was exposed for everyone to see – and even that slimy McConnell is trying to slither away from him. Can’t let all those donors think that he supports the overthrow of the country and the loss of their choke hold on financial gain, no sirree bob.

What I am trying to say is that every step they take shows their true colors and exposes the lies that they are promoting. We have always had white supremists so that is not new. Remember the Manifest Destiny crowd that moved west regardless of how many natives they slaughtered? They truly believed they were entitled to whatever they wanted, and that is still the modus operandi of these yahoos. But now, boys, guess what, there are more of them than there are of you, so the light of day is not going to help your cause.

This trial was really a resounding success for all of us light workers. It demonstrated for all to see – and, yes, I am including the law enforcement authorities – the who, what, and where’s of the seditionist movement.

And just for a moment I thought Lindsey would stand up, but he was intimidated back into line by whatever they are holding over his head. I almost felt sorry for him – but not quite, given what he is promulgating in this country.

But back to the success of the trial. The final success is that Joe just kept on truckin’, and, when you put that up against the activities of the Trump crowd, some of those who voted for Trump out of desperation may find themselves looking to Joe for sanity and actual help.

Now I was for small government and strong military. And I still am in the best of all possible worlds, but that is not the world we are living in now. The pandemic has and is visiting horror on too many people to hope that they can climb out of that hole without government help.

So I guess I would have to go along with Joe, maybe not in everything he proposes but in the use of government to help. Because we need help. Without it those with more radical solutions – like disenfranchising the voters of color – will have fertile ground upon which to sow their poison.

Let me say it again. My friends, we are coming out of a nightmare. It will take time and effort, but the light is shining, and those who want to enter government service to actually serve are coming back into the fold.

Look for them. They are young, they are idealistic, and they know what it is to have been knocked down by prejudice and economic elitism. Those who are not on their bandwagon will have to step aside because there will be a new party system where morality and patriotism, real patriotism, count, maybe not for everything but for enough.

I am looking forward to watching the show.

February 14, 2021

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