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Lena Rodriguez* Wants To Know...

What's heaven like?

Lena: Our narrow, mortal minds crave descriptions of heaven or the Other Side as a place - would it be better to think of it as a radically different state of consciousness?

Ann: Richard?

Richard Burton: Oh, yes, Lena, love, you have hit upon one of my favorite topics. How do we see heaven? What is our experience? What would it be if we could contrive it to our liking? And, that eternal conceit, can we?

So many questions that language, in which, you will own, I was held to be proficient, fails, if by language you were hoping to receive a definitive answer. The reason we see depictions of fields of cows or woolly sheep, as I think you, Lena, once mentioned with some disparagement, is to give ourselves an accurate impression of the atmosphere of life after death.

Literally speaking, of course, I doubt that many of our compatriots would wish to spend all of eternity restricted to bovine companions however peaceful they may seem from the outside looking in. Never forget the mucking out and toil required to produce that tranquil appearance.

So when we see that beautiful field or those puffy clouds, we envision an approximation of our idea of what we think we want. And yet, how many of us, yourself in particular, wish to retire to Blandings Castle?**

We all need a job and, rest assured you will have one when you cross over. In fact we have never ceased working and never will. The difference is the radiant joy in taking on those tasks when the scales are removed from our eyes, when we see face to face rather than through a glass darkly.

So yes, you are partly accurate that “heaven” is a state of mind, but it is much more than that. The reason for our happiness, (witness the party going on with John McCain and friends) is that we are in the company of our peers, and everyone, every created thing, is a peer. We know ourselves to be a part of a glorious tribe dedicated to the bringing of light to every darkened corner of the multiverse - or as in my present situation, to any darkened corner of any soul who wants my help.

Each of you may want to consider looking more closely at your ideas of heaven as they can be quite revealing. Madame here was hoping for a blank slate, but has lately seen the error of her ways - or at least their futility. Gradually, as she is drawn further into this work, her sense of purpose is renewed and expanded so that looking forward in this life and the next is now frequently an attractive prospect. That is what I wish for all of you.

What you want, how you think of heaven or the afterlife will tell you a lot about where you are, if not where you are going. I find that many, myself included, have distorted ideas of our own iniquities which prevented us from accessing the universal love that is offered to all of us.

And just because it is universal does not mean it is not particular. The love of Source is the most particular, focused, and authentic love in creation, for what could be more life giving than the love of the Creator for her creations?

It is when we bathe in this knowledge that we have reached heaven and can begin to join the great army of light workers everywhere in the cosmos. There is really very little difference from this side of the veil, as you think of it, and the other, just more light.

April 15, 2021

*Lena Rodriguez Tarot Down Under - YouTube

**Blandings Castle is a recurring fictional location in the stories of British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse, being the seat of Lord Emsworth (Clarence Threepwood, 9th Earl of Emsworth), home to many of his family and the setting for numerous tales and adventures. A television series by the same name was based on these stories. In a radio broadcast on 15 July 1961, Evelyn Waugh said: "The gardens of Blandings Castle are that original garden from which we are all exiled."

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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