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Mary Magdalene: Friends, Coming, Going, For Life

The treasure of true friendship is beyond price and endures forever.

Ann: Miriam, would you please talk to me about friendship?

Miriam: Yes, Ann, I would be delighted to do so. First let us speak of the limits of friendship.

A friend cannot do your work for you, nor can she carry your burdens or create your joys. Instead she walks beside you, sharing what comes hand and hand. When you falter, she does not try to lift you up but instead offers a hand to steady your way.

Sometimes a friend must be left to her own devices. Sometimes she is better off without you, and that choice must be respected and the friendship left to die a natural death. Sometimes you are the one who will pull back, and that must be examined in the light of your own foibles and path toward divine realization. Never leave a friendship in anger.

In rare cases, in the wake of a friend's departure there may be the acrid smell of burning bodies, a telltale indication of dark energy, and these remnants must be removed from your premises, from your body, mind and soul with the help of your guides and angels, for such an individual was never a true friend.

Such will never arise with true friendship whether or not paths diverge for one reason or another. A true friend swings with the highs and lows, flares and dips, and each of you grow with shared experiences and even when you are apart. These are the friendships to cherish throughout eternity. The light from these well worn bonds will show you your way forward, connect you to the firm foundation of trust in Divine will, Divine process, and Divine love.

This time of darkening horizons is a great opportunity because a time of great peril reveals the bones of all relationships. True friends will find a way to elevate your own perspective and their own, and, in so doing, each will grasp anew the wonder of the eternal golden cord between the two of you. The treasure of true friendship is beyond price and endures forever.

Thank you for coming to me, it is my greatest pleasure to walk beside any who call my name.

October 28, 2021

Free Image Credit: Uleo, Pixabay

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