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Mary Magdalene: Living In Both Worlds

We are, at our most fundamental level, the soul body

that travels with us from incarnation to incarnation.

Ann: Miriam, Richard, whomever, would you talk to us about learning to walk on both sides at once? I compartmentalize, here or there, and I am beginning to see the limitations of same.

Miriam (Mary Magdalene): This is a wonderful question, Ann, because, now, when the veil is thin, many of us find ourselves swinging, caught between the separate experiences of earthly life and divine connection. How lovely it would be to travel both sides at once in perfect balance!

Ann: Yeah, my thoughts exactly, but I can’t seem to do it.

Miriam: You will. Everyone who seeks the profound spiritual connection that is our birthright will come to this balance.

I will not kid you, it is not easy, because when you are elevated to receive the higher vibrations on the other side, it comes as a shock to the system to discover yourself re-immersed in earthly gravity, conflict, and the limitations of mortality. Many making these journeys do not want to return, and yet the very act of traveling between dimensions allows us to see our earthly existence from an expanded point of view.

One would think that such knowledge, such experience, would insulate us from the sorrow and travail that each of us must deal with sooner or later in our chosen incarnations, but such is not the case. Indeed, sometimes the contrast between this world and the next can make our lot on the planet seem more intolerable.

But that is the short term view. With expanded vision and, more to the point, expanded experience, we become better equipped to discern truth from falsehood, joy from instant gratification, education from senseless tragedy.

This is not the Pollyanna pabulum that it might appear to be at first glance. This is the gift that we receive when we open ourselves to holding God’s hand, our knowledge and experience of God’s love as we walk through our sometimes perilous journeys on the planet.

When we can allow these experiences to sustain us, not shutting them off so we can “deal” with earthly matters but keeping that conversation running or on hold and available in all situations, then we begin to see who we are.

And we are, at our most fundamental level, the soul body that travels with us from incarnation to incarnation, whose mission we have offered to carry out time and time again, whose understanding of the larger creation grants us resilience in earthly matters.

So I ask each of you to take your light filled moments with you throughout your day. Though you may not recreate the elevation of a numinous connection, simply the memory, the ability to turn to the Creative Force in mundane matters will allow your balance to continually improve.

Then when a crisis arises, the habit of connection will see you through until eventually you return to that place you have already called home.

June 21, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Jun 22, 2021

Miriam is always instructing, teaching, caring, but all very real. Thank you both!

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