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Mary Magdalene: Offerings


Ann: Miriam?

Miriam: Yes, Ann, I was trying to get your attention. I understand that you are spooked by the openings in your aura and the slow-dawning consciousness of who you are and where you are going – and have been.

This experience is not yours alone, but is offered to everyone in this time, in this moment where time stands still, where voices ordinarily silenced by the clutter and strivings of the modern day world have had to take a backseat to the silence that is now offering up the wisdom of the trees, of the animals, and of every sentient being whose spirit was being slaughtered in the crush of avarice and greed that was overtaking our planet.

You say you are not prepared for this, have no training, no discipline, and do not even understand how to meditate. And yet, Ann, every time you allow us to speak through you, to you, to those readers who want to hear, you meditate, you open, and you allow the light to pour through you.

This is what this time of contemplation offers. The lack of distraction need not drive you crazy if it is received with curiosity as the gift it is. For each person it will come in different forms. For one it may be the attention now offered with gratitude to a loved one whose presence was taken for granted - or even secretly deemed a nuisance. For others, it will be the discovery that material well-being requires so much less than originally thought.

For still others this may be a time of transition, perhaps in body, perhaps in perception, to that world and worlds which await each of us, the place where we regroup, where we review, where we heal.

Maybe a death is the vehicle for this transition, but it need not be so. Witness our communication this day. Witness the resurrection, so much more immediate that any would have supposed, of the planet as it is relieved ever so briefly from the burden of “development” that it has suffered under the watch of its human caretakers.

This is a time of thanks giving, a time when blessings both unexpected and unsolicited will flow like manna from heaven if only we will reach out hands, open our mouths and let the snowflakes of God fall upon our tongues and dissolve into our very beings.

Hardship, yes. But also salvation. Our choice.

April 29, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Apr 30, 2020

Yet again, Miriam’s beautiful words bring me pause: “...and let the snowflakes of God fall upon our tongues and dissolve into our very beings”. WOW. Soooo very beautiful

TY both❤️


Patty Mellowship
Patty Mellowship
Apr 29, 2020


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