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Mary Magdalene: Time To Re-Group

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

If you ever though I might be a model for going with the flow, please disabuse your mind of that concept. I am putting a book together of posts from the blog and am very excited about it. I am in the final stages of the second draft, and seem to have no interest in anything else, just want to get this done. Apparently that is not the right approach.

Miriam: Good morning, Ann. I sense your impatience to get to your book and would like to point out that you are getting out over your skis, trying to push the river, etc.

To put it plainly, you are losing your balance. You have a gift that is offering itself to you in increasing permutations, and you are getting distracted and trying to force an order on an project that has ideas of its own. Your book is knitting itself together in its own natural rhythm the purpose of which will be revealed in its own good time. You cannot wail, entice, or threaten it to move on your schedule.

I am not suggesting that you sitting back complacently to wait for inspiration as that doesn't get you where you are supposed to be going either. The process is more complex

First we have to find or stumble across the seed of our endeavour because, Lord knows, we cannot create it. Then we must determine how best to prepare the ground and plant it most auspiciously. Then we must keep the field clear of all weeds and other hindrances to growth and then till the field to provide fertile ground for a plant or whatever the work of god is in the offing to develop. Then we wait upon the will of heaven and tend lovingly whatever we receive which may be very different from what we had imagined at the outset.

Whatever your endeavour, this is always the process,. If you can then add flexibility and a willingness to be surprised, whatever happens will be just the thing you needed to move you along the journey you and Spirit agreed upon when you decided to come into your body

So don’t push the river or try to redirect it but instead watch to see where it goes and follow, always taking care not to take a nap in front of its raging currents. You wait, you listen, you move with the flow. Once you feel it, you will not ask what you should do next because you will have become an organic part of God’s universe flowing in union with its expanding oversoul.

October 25, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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