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Mary Magdalene: What Helps

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

December 19, 2019

Ann: Hello. Anita* said that you wanted to put something up on the blog. What should I call you?

Mary Magdalene: You can call me Maggie. I went by Miriam but let’s go with Maggie to avoid confusion with Mother Mary.

Ann: OK, Maggie, what did you want to say?

MM: Many of you have been despondent as you see your world order crumbling and sliding, as you would believe, past the point of no return. Do you know how many such points there have been in world history? No? I don’t either, the “point” being that there is a pendulum and a central balance that keeps that pendulum form tipping over to one side or the other so completely that it never swings again. I am not stupid. I know your societies have developed ways to do this, and I hear many of you (yes, Ann, that would be you) saying that never in the history of the world has there been a weapon developed for destruction that was never used.

And you may be right. If that is the case, I would posit that there will be some sort of phoenix arising from the ashes which starts the process all over again.

And you may be wrong. If so, now is the time to try to get your words in edgewise so that they are heard on every level you can imaginable and many more.

Either way, this is not the time for dismay because you – and we – do not know what will happen.

All I can tell you is that I know what it is to have my world fall apart and to have to learn that my world is not the only world and, indeed such a small part of existence that the loss of everything on earth will not lead to extinction of life. I am not advocating or predicting such an occurrence just saying that extreme loss can be weathered and become productive. What helps is the bigger perspective which can be very hard to access in times of extreme grief as I know.

Nevertheless that is our task. When times and events overwhelm us, if we can raise our vision up and out, we will see how tiny we are and how massive and majestic this world, (worlds if we did but know it) and how they continue to expand and grow in spite of setbacks. When we feel this in our hearts, in our bones, and in our souls, we can make the choice for life, for influence, for handing on of the torch that has been passed on for many eons.

Jesus was a man of honour and conviction but also a man who suffered as did those who loved him. Nevertheless we built something fine upon the ashes of his destruction, and now his legacy has become institutionalized and used by some to move us away from the very light he embodied. It is up to the rest of us to resist, yes, but also to find an alternate way that can become accessible to all, even those who have mistakenly taken a wrong turn in his name.

He works constantly for you, for all of us. Surely we can do no less.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Carol Baum
Carol Baum

"... his legacy has become institutionalized and used by some to move us away from the very light he embodied." Yes. Thank you. I needed to hear these words.



And Maggie, I , too, am not stupid. I was literally born into a family from which I could either realistically (understandably) fold from, or come up from the ashes, as I have repeatedly, ad nauseum, done.

At this juncture, Maggie, I AM EXHAUSTED. I could have bern a whore, a drug addict and any and cliches life could label. So what? SERIOUSLY, SO WHAT? AND I AM ASKING YOU THIS QUESTION IN EARNEST AND FULLY EXPECTING AN ANSWER. IF NOT YOU, WHO? Because I will take the time to listen to them as well....I suppose I could beg....thus far, this has not caught your attention, so I shall not.

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