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Mister Rogers: Quiet Voices

The reality of kindness is the lifeblood

of all that we treasure in our lives.

Fred: Hello. I am stopping by for a word with all of my friends as we start this New Year with shouts of discord and anger assaulting our ears and disturbing our souls.

I wonder if you have ever come across a shouted message that touched your heart. Who were the people who encouraged you, who gave you a leg up, whose wisdom you go back to in hard times? I would venture to guess that they spoke quietly, or sometimes not at all, simply letting their actions speak for them.

These are the mentors and guardians that had your backs, quietly, without fanfare, but nonetheless implacable on your behalf with a commitment to truth, compassion, and your well-being.

I see all the sturm and drang taking place in this New Year by those who have lost their quiet voices. And in that loss they have also lost their connection to the reality of kindness that is the lifeblood of all that we treasure in our lives.

I have found since I transitioned a world where much work is being done to teach us what we need to know to be able to speak with our angels and guides on level terms and to understand the blessings they offer us. Here we are taught to listen, to ask and to receive with care the kindness and wisdom that is the mother’s milk of all that this human experiment is trying to teach us.

Ann: Fred, you are preaching to the choir. Most of us here agree with you. It’s the crazy folks trying to grab everything for themselves that are making all the noise that are drowning the rest of us out. How do we get around them?

Fred: Ann, we don’t need to get around them, they will shout themselves hoarse until all that is left are the echoes of their own anger coming back to them. Then, if they are lucky, if they have someone to lend a hand, they may stop for breath just for a moment and notice an outstretched hand and the little whispers of love emanating from the grass around them, the trees they have disregarded, and the people whose worth they have denied.

Let yourself be a quiet voice, not just for others but for your own lonely self when you let it get backed into a corner. Think what that quiet voice would say and offer it first to yourself, then to others, and watch the air around you clear.

You then become a helper, and helpers are the best kind of people to be for they provide a direct line from our Holy Father telling us that he is right there patiently waiting for the dust and clamor to clear so that he can be heard again.

Let yourself be his voice and take back your quiet place.

January 2, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Thank you, Amy, it takes discipline (at least for me) to look away from the news, thanks from reminding us that we have a choice.


Amy David
Amy David

Always the right message at the right time. He reminds us what is important in life. I don’t listen to the US news anymore because it is just too loud and negative. France has a daily news program that focuses on the positive activities of the people in the country. It is 40 minutes of good news and no commercials. Things can be different and until they are, we don’t have to participate, listen, or surrender to it. We can read Ann’s blog and learn about important things in life. Thank you to Ann and all who talk to her on her blog.

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