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Mother Mary: Return Of The Light

This is a day of celebration, the once in a lifetime grand solstice, 12/12/2021.*

Ann: Mother Mary, I gather you have something you wish to say.

Mother Mary: Yes, Ann. First, as I have mentioned before, the role of mother was paramount in my most famous life, but it was not the only force in my life, nor, I imagine, is it for those of you who have experienced motherhood. We are self-actualizing beings, coming into this dimension to explore our own multifaceted beings, both light and dark aspects of same.

And yes, I had and have both of these for, though I am in spirit, I am not an ascended master. I am a highly evolved spirit with a long way to go!

It is for this reason and from this perspective that I reach out to you today, on this last day of the domain of darkness before the light returns. We have today been given the opportunity to explore darkness, both in ourselves as well as the obvious examples we see around us.

It is so much easier, is it not, to locate the splinter in our neighbor's eye than to identify the plank in our own? Yet this is what we are asked to do. For every wrong we see perpetrated out there, we must identify our own dark cells which harbour the possibility of same. Then, with such identification, we turn those cells into energy producing elements which propel us even further into the light. So on a personal as well as collective level we are asked to clean house, to repurpose that which we do not like in ourselves to something better.

And if you are wondering if I have had to go through this exercise myself, the answer is, yes, many times. Consider the almost irresistible pull to bitterness and despair as the mother of a martyred son who had done nothing but shine a light. Yet that very light caused the upheaval that resulted in his death and martyrdom and thus provided us with a model for transforming our lives from the inside out – and accepting the consequences that follow.

What you see now of the light surrounding my being, the white/blue vibrating aura, is the result of such transformation. This is the light coming through the cracks in darkness, the return of the light that this very day represents, the return of the ascendancy of the light. At first an almost imperceptible movement, then more and more until the light cannot be denied. Then when dark returns, as it must, the memory of the light cycle will keep us warm when vision is temporarily at bay.

Today carries the numbers 12212021, a rare and powerful incantation, an invitation to expansion of our personal and collective commitment to our Creator’s love-powered multiverse. Every element, even the dark plays its role in this expansion and transformation, so take my hand and join the party! Throw out light wherever you go, cover any darkness in your life with love that sees its potential for good, then lend it a hand.

This is a day of celebration, the once in a lifetime grand solstice for Mother Earth who is beginning her regeneration – and yours also if you will accept her invitation.

December 21, 2021

*Prior to this reading, I pulled the Rune Jera which signifies harvest, restitution, that which has been planted coming to fruition over time.

Free Image Credits: 1. Pixabay, mermyhh, 2. Pixabay, Peter-Lomas.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes

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