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Resistance To God: Same Ole, Same Ole

Have you ever found yourself fighting with all your might against all that is good for you? If you have, perhaps this might resonate. It seems to be the story of my life in one way or another, but now, particularly after reading about John Lewis, it's getting downright embarrassing. So I asked Richard for his help.

Ann: Richard?

Richard: Yes, love, right here. My, you have gotten yourself in a tizzy, haven’t you? And all because you are asked to step forward and take hold of your heart’s desire. Love, I would hate to try to give you a Christmas gift. Sheez. Give the girl what she wants more than anything and watch her run for the hills.

Ann: Sorry, I know it’s stupid.

Richard: I’m not yelling at you or thinking any less of you for it. What you are coming up against is the seminal issue in this lifetime and many others where you have seen what has been asked of you as surrender, but which was in reality the acceptance of your soul’s purpose. So in confusion you have run in the opposite direction.

Ann: Yes, and that is my inclination now. Nothing is more certain to send me looking for comfort in the absolute wrong food and drink than being asked to step up and give my life to this work.

Richard: There you go again. You confuse give and receive. You are asked to receive your life from God, to open your heart to the laughter and joy that is open communion with his angels and his spirits not to mention Jesus himself. For god’s sake, Madame, you like him.

Ann: Yeah, I do.

Richard: Why do you think he is coming to you as he is, as he will to any who will receive him? He is showing you that he likes you, that he enjoys the odd kick in your gallop, and that he isn’t perfect either. He has told you over and over, today being just the latest example, that he doesn’t expect perfection, that he doesn’t expect you to give up your pleasures, just to coral them in a manageable fashion so that you can devote yourself to the mission that consumes you. There is no reason for you to go running off with your hands over your ears.

Ann: Oh yes, there is.

Richard: Yes, mea culpa, Madame, yes, there is, and I do you no service to minimize that which has held you in thrall for centuries.

Ann: Do you know what it is? I don’t. I just know its power.

Richard: Yes, I have some insight. You have in many guises been put to use for the needs and desires of others without a care to your welfare or even your survival. You have been reviled for using your gifts, and after many lifetimes of such experiences, you have essentially marched off in a huff saying, “Enough of this!”

But you are seeing now that the soul’s salvation is not be found in that retreat, in that surrender to fear and withdrawal from life. You have faced down the practicalities of making a living and finding your path in the world which is not your natural bent. You have checked that box off.

Now you need to find balance as a spiritual being still living in a body on the planet. You can do this. We all can. We can live in in the world while utilizing our spiritual gifts and, more than that, internalizing them for our own benefit and delight.

Right now you are split off from your core and conflicted about reunification. Why do you think you keep pulling the rune Gebo over and over again? Gebo is gift, giver, partnership, union, and reunion. In all its many guises, Gebo is your life this time around. It asks, repeatedly, will you accept its gift?

Ann: Well, given my performance to date, it’s apparently not that easy to just say yes and that’s it. It probably should be that easy but that’s not the way it feels.

Richard: No, it’s not. But it is the mountain that you are asked to climb this time around. You are making strides, never fear. Simply take the opportunity whenever offered to grab the next hand hold and pull yourself up. You are too stubborn to walk away.

Ann: And too stubborn to give in so it seems, at least so far.

Richard: Well, that’s what makes it interesting, does it not? I shall wait with baited breath for the next exciting installment.

Ann: Sure thing, Richard, I live to serve.

Richard: Excellent! Glad we have that clear.

Ann: That was underhanded.

Richard. Yes, it was, wasn't it? It seems that I have not lost my touch.


July 21, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jul 23, 2020

Thank you, Karen, again, I think you are right, see next post.


Jul 23, 2020

Thank you, Karen, blessings.


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Jul 23, 2020

I feel your struggle and sense you are on your way...

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