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Richard Burton: Speaking with JFK

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Anita ( called me this morning to tell me that John F. Kennedy came over the Rainbow Bridge and wanted to talk to me. I love this work, I really do, but honestly this is kind of overwhelming these folks with such gravitas who want to connect through me. There are a lot of other channels with more exposure to get the word out, why me? So I turned to Richard who never disappoints, and I began to understand that I don’t need to know because – Newsflash! - it’s not about me.

"Have done with these theatrics and get on with it."

Ann: Richard, I need some help here.

Richard: Certainly, my dear. You have the wind up, do you not, about your widening circle of acquaintances? Well, my dear, not to worry, this is the natural course of events for someone in your seemingly new profession. But it is not new, love, you have been doing this for many lifetimes until you burned out on trauma, tragedy, and horror. Now you are sticking a toe in again but are still afraid of drowning. I and many others are here to tell you that this is not your fate this time. You will die a natural death in your bed so can we let this go now?

A: What kind of death?

R: Madame….

A: OK, OK, so, leaving that for another time, why are all these heavy hitters coming to me when they could go to people who have a forum on YouTube and lots of followers. It seems to me that whatever they give me is going on my blog to be buried alive – so to speak.

R: You don’t know that, do you? You could not have anticipated the course of events so far, could you?

A: No.

R: So have done with the needless anxiety and wringing of hands when you know au fond that you are on the right track. Where what you transcribe goes is not yours to determine. Yours is to take the next step which is to transcribe as you are requested, do the interview on David Johnson’s YouTube, get the blog published there, and then make it accessible to those who would look for it on the internet.

A: OK, ours is not to reason why…

R: Yes, well, the quote is apt enough but the context does not apply as you are not, for God’s sake, riding into the valley of Death. Have done with these theatrics and get on with it…. Though now that I think of it the Charge of the Light Brigade has a certain ring to it in as much as you and your compatriots are attempting to bring light where darkness threatens.

A: Yeah, well, that poem was about the slaughter of men who listened to their sodden and ill-informed commanders who were probably sucking down gin behind the lines.

R: Very likely. We need not concern ourselves with the fate of Tennyson’s mismatched glory seekers but instead attend to the task before us. I believe Anita suggested you contact JFK?

A: Yeah.

R: An excellent idea. He has much to offer and has been grieved by the loss of Elijah Cummings to the world in its precarious state and is moved to speak to you about what can be done to compensate in some small way for the loss of this truly heroic character. This, love, is what heroes are made of.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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