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Richard Burton: The Porcupine Amongst Us

Last night's dream: The dogs want in the house but a large porcupine is with them.  It doesn’t seem to be harming them, but, hey, porcupine….  I don’t know what to do, how to get dogs in without porcupine and without myself or the dogs being hurt.  Can you help me with what this means?


Richard Burton: Yes of course.  Long time no talk, Madame. 

          This dream presents the classic dilemma of darkness within light.  Do we try to assimilate, destroy, befriend or deny it?  Or do we run, hide, and abandon the game entirely?  What about our loved ones? They too have dark energies within, all of which have dangerous proclivities, sharp nettles that sting or even deliver a poisonous and possibly fatal blow. 

And most importantly, what about ourselves?

          Your instinct is to attack, but this situation puts that at a remove since to do so risks your beloved dogs.  No wonder you woke up confused and afraid.  In your concept of the world there is no middle way, no answer you can come up with on your own, so, indeed, it is timely that you come here, to those of us no longer restricted by the limitations of earthly existence.

          Ah, but did you know it, neither are you, any of you, so restricted.  Your choices range far beyond the most apparent physical trajectories. 

You have powers, but you are afraid of them.  You are afraid to stay in a spiritual state where your illusion of control is surrendered for access to true power and recognition of your place in its constellations.  You run, my dear, every time it descends upon you because you feel threatened, suffocated, and diminished.

          I ask that next time you hold on for just one moment longer.  Feel the atmospheric change enter your earthly experience.  Feel your essence expand, resolve to trust, just for a bit longer than is comfortable, that which evolves when you no longer claim captaincy of your little ship even as it seems to succumb to rough waters.  Wait, just wait,. Ask for help.  Let “Over to You!” become your mantra.

          It will not last of course.  It never does at this stage of your existence, but you will find your tolerance for the unknown gradually expanding until, Eureka, Shazam!!!!, it becomes the state of being most longed for, not to be feared, but welcomed as your place of respite.

          This is available to you.  Take it, invite others in, and you may find that the porcupine is just another prompt along the evolution to enlightenment.  Let him in or keep him out, but not on your say so. 

You do not have to decide.  Let the solution come.  It always does if you will give it space.

May 13, 2024

Image Credit: Creator: Alex Gregory | Credit: Alex Gregory via CartoonStock -  Alex Gregory via CartoonStock

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. 

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May 17

Wow, this message from Richard, and the fact that you are feeling these issues, questions, present themselves to you now, deeply resonate with me as a fellow member of earth, as much of these questions, and dilemmas have been coming up more frequently too-- a sign of the times? Or just a perfect time to present this question as we all are beginning to see things more clearly, as we are developing trust in our God-connection and the reciprocal role we play!


May 13

Wonderfully spoken Richard, as usual. Ann - have you been in a '' prickly '' situation? And that cartoon - very very funny! Thank you both. 💚🌈


May 13

Perhaps it might have something to do with one's experience or perspective on dreams don't include those adorable little creatures - but they do sometimes include scorpions.


I will definitely take note of this. Richard...thank you to both!🐾🕊


Emerald Green
Emerald Green
May 13

I really love this message and cartoon!!! 💜

Emerald Green
Emerald Green
May 14
Replying to

Thank you Laurie! Love and light to you and your precious family pet.

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