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Richard Burton: Wandering And The 5th Dimension

Do not be concerned.

We in spirit do not require constant attention.

Ann: Hi Richard, can you talk to me about the 5th Dimension and also about my lack of focus these days. I seem to be wandering.

Richard: With pleasure love. Why don’t you pull a rune or two to get us started?

Ann: Isa to Gebo.* Stand still, re-gravitate to the gift of partnership and community.

Richard: Precisely. It is as we have been saying, it is not the time for expression, but rather the time for consolidation, for putting together within your own soul the need you have for validation, for approval, for outward signs of the presence and usefulness of your gifts.

Wandering is a time honoured way of working this out, so it is not surprising that you find yourself reading novel after novel, watching videos of the Avett Brothers and of Valegro,** the world famous dressage horse and his unlikely young partner.

Let us not rush past these distractions. It is easy to write them off as self indulgence, procrastination or some such derogatory description, but it is more. You are wrestling with the nature of being, and giving yourself the time and space to do so. Who are we, why did we come and where do we go? These are not easy questions.

While reading your novels, a deeper part of your psyche held still long enough to then allow you to experience the spiritual nature of partnership via the relationship of the Valegro with his rider. We can each of us find this partnership if we look carefully and notice those times with animals, humans, or spirits where, when one is down, the other is strong.

Rest in this, love. Accept the gifts these openings offer as to who you are, who we are, and why we came. Here is the answer to the questions that bedevil us all. Here is the heartsong center of our souls. No need for analysis, simply accept the reconnection.

Now on to the 5th Dimension, love - I think we would have to classify this as a wide ranging conversation. First of all the 5th Dimension is bit of a misnomer because the universe was not created in numerical form. It is more of a a spiral and as we move out on the spiral,...

Ann: Sorry Richard, the plumber came re leaking water heater, then I had to take the dogs to hair appt, pick up from same, then septic people came, then friends with dog came to meet with dog trainer, then another friend with another dog came, then bringing in and feeding horses, then the boys came to fix bush hog, then dinner, then sawdust man at 8 pm....

But now back to our regularly scheduled program on the 5th Dimension….

Richard: But first, let us ruminate on your rune pull this morning and how it percolated throughout the day. All these chores, all these people, all these distractions that impede focus are gifts on many levels. First the people, the place, the community where everyone steps up to help, where there is no question of the love and commitment among all these disparate folks, and still you are distracted. Do not be concerned. We in spirit do not require constant attention.

Nevertheless, we will do our part and return to a discussion of the 5th Dimension which is more apt than you know given your day, for it provides a context for what has been percolating.

When we can look at each other, animal, human, etc., with attention and curiosity, eager to learn the workings of another sentient being, when we lift our eyes without condemnation to take in the differences of those around us, and when we feel a cool breeze carry our spirits on its wings, then we are in the 5th dimension.

It is everywhere. It is not just some mystical world to which we ascend when we overcome all our human foibles.

No, we will take the little darlings with us. We will nurture them and tease them, laugh at the jokes they play on us and smile with our friends at the silliness that kept us tethered to the harsh atmosphere of the planet.

Then we can come and go at will because the earth’s atmosphere is no longer an impediment, just a change of address as we leave and bring back what we have learned on our travels.

When our wandering angels have done this with many of us time and time and time again, then the earth herself will “ascend,” which is to say nothing more than her predominant energies will be lifted out of their accustomed patterns.

Pure fantasy, you say. And yet you started this day distracted and at a loss and ended it surrounded by your friends and neighbours on hand to offer you just what you needed as you did the same for them. This, love, is the heavenly community of the 5th Dimension.

It is elsewhere, yes, but it is here also if we take the time to notice.

August 4, 2021

Free image credit: Pixabay, multiverse-6508796__340

* Runes: Isa, Standstill, to Gebe, Gift, partnership.

**Valegro 's last performance.

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