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Richard Burton: Why Did God Invent Ticks?

Ann: Hi Richard, can you tell me why God invented ticks?

Richard: Well, not being God, I would not presume to hazard a guess as to those particulars.

However, if what you mean is, “What is the purpose of various harms plaguing the planet?” I will take a run at that.

The world is an evolutionary organism which is powered by contrary, even conflicting, forces, much like the dark forces that power the expansion of light by the energy that flows from the combustion between the two.

The specifics are not given to us to know, and sometimes it seems as if yin has overcome yang or vice versa. The pandemic, for example, is a mechanism for hitting pause. There are others, of course, nuclear war, for example, or reasoned discourse, to mention the two extremes.

The former is to be avoided at all costs, and the latter is apparently out of the range of possibility at the present time. Yet either would bring us to the realization that we must have change or face extinction. It’s just a question of how we get there.

Those of us coming to you here and elsewhere are hoping to weigh in on the scales of reasoned discoursed, but more than, to catalyze the understanding of the unity of connection amongst all created forms.

We believe this can come to pass because one element cannot be abused without the rest suffering. The sooner we bring this understanding into our consciousness, the sooner we can move forward in harmony together.

We are not there yet as any of you can attest. Our fear and our drive for control hold us back. White Feather has told us over and over again that we are one with Mother Earth, and it would behoove us to listen to him.

Ann: Richard, you are talking about balance and imbalance powering us forward?

Richard: Yes. If you lose your balance and start to tip over, your legs automatically come under you to stabilize and rebalance your center. This is what our world is doing now as we walk, swaying from one side to the other, tottering unsteadily because we have allowed ourselves and our planet to become more than minimally unbalanced. For this we needed a major reset, and that is what the pandemic, among other things, has offered us.

As to your ticks, perhaps their prevalence and increase in recent years can be attributed to the warming of the planet in an accelerated manner, but we must remember that change would be happening in any case.

It is for us to devise new ways of living, of coping and, yes, of ridding the world of the scourge of ticks, among other miseries, without unduly upsetting the balance of nature.

We are not meant to sit idly by while polio, measles, and Ebola plagues the human population. We are meant to learn to work together to solve our common problems and that, indeed, is a benefit that can be derived from any scourge affecting the planet be it Covid, Aids, or the common deer tick.

If we can greet these disasters with, “How can we help?” we will go a long way in furthering the expansion of our Creator’s intention when she set in motion the birth of the multiverse.

May 12, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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