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Robin Williams: Coming To You From The Universe

Ann: Hi Robin, you rang?

Robin:* Yes, so glad to get you on the line so to speak. I have been travelling.

Yes, you know, we spiritual folk have various travel plans, vacations, working forays, and retreats. There is even a choice of travel brochures…. Well, not really but kind of, because we have input into the direction we want to take over here, you know, sort of like flyers on “Travel Options For The Undead.” And we are all in this together however odd that may seem.

Ann: Not odd at all when compared to Travel Brochures For The Undead.

Robin: Well, that’s what we are, all of us, undead. There is no dead though some people choose to think so. Others tell you death is just a transition, but it's hared to believe it until you make the journey yourself and come back to tell the tale.

Many of you are moving toward that type of remembrance, and I would caution you to pay particular attention to your dreams. If you have doors, windows, corridors, or tunnels, go back and revisit the dream with the death transition in mind in this or previous lifetimes.

Some of you will find that continuity comforting and others, who are already exhausted like myself and perhaps some of you found it to be the profoundest relief initially to think it would be over - only to discover upon making that transition that only our location had changed.

So guys, I am here to tell you as one of the recently undead, that the task, whatever remained unfinished at “death,” will consume you wherever you may reside. We are all learning.

I was consumed by love in my most recent life, love for everyone who struggled in one way or another, which was pretty much everyone. One of my tasks now is to lift myself a bit about that over-identification with the trials of others, not so much that my compassion is dented, but so that I can better see my own work and not fall into another’s pain and misery to the extent that I did. The Isa Rune** is now my lodestar.

Yes, I used humor to make the connection but more than once – unless I was using which I was almost constantly early on – I succumbed to despair after what had been a well-received performance where even I knew I was spot on.

I mention this because many people like myself are sucked into the life stories and tragedies of others to the extent that the ego structure becomes impaired and is unable to sustain the work we came to do. I commend Isa** and its centralizing powers to your notice

Internal vigilance is required, and props are to be avoided to the extent possible. Most people lean on something, food, alcohol, drugs, relationships, or fairy tale expectations to name a few. I encourage each of you to see those props as inadequate to the task, and, as the truth of what you are meant to be doing here dawns, I am hoping that your lives will come into better balance now and also when you too are undead. Then you will see with a quiet heart that human frailty as well as human heroism is part of the same package.

Make some travel plans, my friends, I can recommend it. Address the off-kilter world view that may have crowded in upon you by staying too close to home so that little environment begins to feel like the entire world..

This you can do in your reading and study, in your meeting of people from different walks of life, whether in person or on the internet, and in your own journeys into spiritual realms. And don’t discount a trip to the sea or the mountains, or belter yet the Grand Canyon or your own back yard to remind you who you are – and who you are not.

I wish you all safe travels by day and by night and am honored to be travelling, in some small part, with you.

September 26, 2020

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. **Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

**Isa, (Ice) represents the individual ego in that it's effects are centralized and concentrated.

It is a force that holds the ego-self together during the stress of initiation trials, and as such

it is a bridge between the worlds and over waters. Edred Thorsson, Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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