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Sometimes I'm Not Just A Telephone...

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Much of the time when I channel I feel kind of like a telephone. The words come through my brain and onto the paper. It's not that I am unaffected because I am in awe every time this happens, but very occasionally it goes further and gets into my body as did the previous message from Martin Luther King, Jr. Kinda freaks me out, to be honest. So I asked Richard. He pointed out that I am a weeny then set me straight.

Ann: Richard, I just channeled Dr. King, almost could feel him in my body. I am not prepared for this.

Richard Burton: Sure you are, you sissy. This is nothing new, it just hits you sometimes what you are doing, and you go back to your 1950’s mentality and scare yourself half to death.

Ann: I sort of feel David Foster Wallace out there wanting to talk and wonder how many can I accommodate. And I am scared to death of him because of his brilliance and the way he writes.

RB: And what does that say about your estimation of those qualities in your humble servant here? I have not noticed your being overly impressed with what was surely an intimidating persona in my previous life. At least so I was told - even though I did not - well, did not always - try to throw that weight around. DFW, like you, myself, and everyone else is just another soul whose voice is unique. You are right he does want to speak with you. Give it time.

Ann: I am feeling overrun.

RB: Then hang out with me for a little respite. Though I hope you note the irony of running to one spirit to comfort you from the anxiety of speaking with another.

What is happening, love, is that your frequencies are being held at higher ranges for longer periods of time, and spirits from different walks of life are noticing.

Ann: Richard, I don’t want lots of spirits, etc., to talk to, just you and the approved ones from you and Anita.*

RB: So ask Anita about DFW. But I can tell you that he has something to say and that you will want to hear it. Are you afraid of him because he killed himself?

Ann: No. I gather that he was in extricating pain which he had endured for many years and finally had to call a halt when all medical interventions had failed him. I think it’s just that I have been talking to John McCain, then you for a client, then Dr. King which was really intense, and now DFW is knocking. I am seeing and endless parade of such folks taking over my life – not that I’m doing that much with it anyway.

RB: Please love, do not sell yourself short. These are tremendous journeys, and your blog - and your outreach to your readers and theirs to you and each other – is a ministry of no small proportions.

Ann: I want to get away. but do not know where to go.

RB: You don’t want to get away. If you did, you would be howling for your imaginary friends in a New York minute if you thought we had left you. You just want to slow down what feels like a downhill sleigh ride out of control. Remember the answer always lies in the natural world, the animal world, the trees and birds beginning to think about spring and most of all the horses. It’s time for you and and another of your "friends" to spend some quality time on that big horse that reminds me of Sophie.

Ann: Yes, alright, I am sure you are right. Meditation?

RB: No. Yoga, movement - not cerebral pursuits but physical.

Ann: It’s almost 9:00 at night.

RB: So?

Ann: So, I don’t wanna.

RB: Then stop complaining and read a novel, eat some chocolate, have a glass of wine, whatever floats your boat.

Enough on this for the evening. I won’t say that success is going to your head in the usual sense, but, as your access increases, your management skills and access program will need to be revamped . For right now, you need to go plough a field or something.

Ann: Thanks, Richard, terrific advice, I’ll get right on that. I will come up with “something,” don’t bother your little head about it. But I get your drift.

RB: Do you, love? I hope so because I hold you in my heart on this amazing journey.

March 6, 2020

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6 comentarios

07 mar 2020

Amen to that, BJ. Thanks.

Me gusta

BJ Stewart
BJ Stewart
07 mar 2020

Ann, You are fortunate to have Richard B to talk you though your fears in a sensible way. Listen to him, please.

Me gusta

07 mar 2020

Yeah, Patty, absolutely true. The MLK post just kinda morphed into something pretty powerful. Not to worry, I'm pretty careful who i let in. Thanks for the excellent comment.

Me gusta

Patty Mellowship
Patty Mellowship
07 mar 2020

LoL. What a friend you have in Richard. For only a true friend will be that honest with you.

And if I may, in the name of friendship, say to you have the power. You, can say no and close the channel. Free will is yours...If you are to tired, scared, feeling blue, or just want to have a glass of wine, without interruptions..close the channel. And Blessed be. Don't think about who wants to talk, or whose hovering around, or they will sneak in. LoL. You have the power of the No word.

Please know I wish you love & light. ✌🌞😇💜

Me gusta

07 mar 2020

Thanks, Maureen, really helpful. I think I was just having a hissy fit....

Me gusta
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