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Mary Magdalene: Sometimes Things Don't Work Out...The Way We Want

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Mary Magdalene would know...

Ann: Sometimes a gift is left unopened, sometimes a friend of the heart isn’t, sometimes a beloved family member is no more. Miriam, you had more of this than anyone I can think of. Can you help me?

Miriam: Good morning, Ann. I’m not sure I can, except to say that as the trough is dug deeper and deeper into your soul with each loss, each betrayal, your heart either closes up or opens to the one Source that never fails and that is the love of our Creator.

Well I know what it is to have a friend turn away, to have one whose opinion I value look askance. Worse, I know what it is to lose my compass, my center, and my apparent ability to continue to walk in a world where I was increasingly isolated either by my own actions, by the betrayal of those I was sure would stand by me, or the loss of my soul mate’s physical presence.

The only answer is to say yes. Yes to the loss, yes to the betrayal and yes to the impoverished state we are all thrown into, a place we had not anticipated, did not want, and would give anything to leave. Yes is the only word, the only response to our Creator. We cannot see what we are being asked to do beyond that. We have no way of perceiving our place on the wheel of life, not just on this planet but in the cosmic pattern.

How could we? We are, for the moment, finite creatures with finite perceptions. We move in a physical world bound by laws we did not create or endorse. Our only choice is whether or not we will be victims or participants.

And this choice is guided by our connection to the creative force. We can try to deny it, but our denial will not stand. We can try to shut ourselves down to erase the agony that world and personal events have brought into our lives, but sooner or later we will be delivered into the hands of our Maker who will receive us with love whether or not we could accept what was asked of us.

Much has been made of the phrase, “He hurts us to heal us,” but nothing could be further from the truth. Ours is the choice, however hard it may be to recognize. Ours in this life and before was the decision to strike out on our own in arrogance and pride with our egos leading the charge.

Look about you. Is it not easy to see this pattern working itself out in the lives of others? Then cast you gaze back to your own life. Are you so very different? What were your choices? What are your choices now?

I don’t mean to leave you with the impression of a Debby Downer, nothing could be further from what I am trying to tell you. Our joy, our salvation, our opening to heaven lies in the word yes, for when we speak this word from our hearts, we open to the influx of love greater than any temporal disappointment or grievous loss.

This is what I wish for you, for all of you, that you say yes to creation. Every life holds suffering, but no life need be demolished by internal darkness when the greatest light in the universe is at hand for the asking.

Say yes, I beg you, and join with me and others who have done so and are in on the cosmic secret of belonging and unconditional love.

October 15, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Amy David
Amy David
Oct 17, 2020

I say yes to it all. Nothing but yes. Thank you Ann


Oct 15, 2020



Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Oct 15, 2020


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