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St. Catherine: What Is True

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

"You cannot be bullied into enlightenment."

Ann: Dear St. Catherine, I have been pretty confused lately about what is real and what is not, what is light and what is dark, when someone like you is really talking to me or when I am making up such a conversation. Can you help me with this?

St. Catherine: Dear one, it would be my greatest pleasure. We all struggle to understand what is holy and what is human and many times do not make the connection between the two. For, dear one, the connection is in the identity between the two. There is not an evil human side and a purely celestial side of the universe. We all travel along together, each throwing the other into relief both as to purpose and motivation.

How many times has a sad or improper event inspired you to greater heights? Maybe you did something of which you were ashamed, then meditated on what brought you to that pass, then studied on how to recognize the signs of similar approaching disasters, and thus learned how to incorporate this hard event into wisdom for the future? So both the sad event and the wisdom resulting from it were holy, for one could not be separated from the other.

But what you mean, dear one, is in these writings with myself, with Richard, with Gandhi, and many others, how do you know if they are true? How, for example, can you tell if what you are giving to others under the guise of some channeled or otherworldly correspondence is really from a holy source? Dear one, you will never completely be able to separate the one from the other. If you wait for an entirely pure communication, you will do nothing at all.

I will say that when you speak with myself and all who have lived and died multiple times in Christ’s world and image, notice whether you are being steered toward your heart’s truth. Almost always you can tell whether what you are hearing is from a source you can trust when that source guides you to your heart’s truth. And not just simply pointing the way, but asking you to notice how the journey feels, where it is leading you, how it is affecting those around you.

When entreaties and suggestions give way to strictures and loud voices, then you must pull back. As you know yourself, dear one, you cannot be bullied into enlightenment, so when you see that coming in any guise - and there are many - turn away. You cannot be guilted into loving God and living in his image. You must be lured by your own desires and experiences because that is what you will take with you. And if that is what is trustworthy in your own life, how could it be different for others?

So now you will watch for that tone. You will wait for the other to ask with an open heart, and until then you will keep your own counsel.

February 24, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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