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Tell The Truth To Yourself

I was listening to Scott and Seth Avett sing "Tell The Truth To Yourself" on YouTube at The Avett Brothers “Tell the Truth” live debut in Detroit MI 9/19/19. So I thought I should try it. It was surprisingly hard to unearth. Then I heard the following, no idea where it came from.

"You are who god made you to be. You are a spark, a little flame of energy that wends its way through caverns and starlight to pick up what it needs to become even more of you than you were when you started. You are a little star, you are a grain of sand, you are the most fragile and fleeting thought that ever passed through the mist. You are love itself.

You can’t see this truth because you see with only a tiny fraction of your vision. Your hearing misses the most beautiful harmonies in the cosmos. And yet in the stillness of the evening breeze, memories that have no form drift back to you, and you can be content."

June 24, 2020

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