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The Black Horse

My soul sister Anita* emailed me to say that she had had a vision of my being carried up into the sky by a Black Stallion and that she was sad and worried that I was about to pass - though apparently I was as happy as Larry in her vision. Several days later we returned and took off again. At her insistence, I asked Richard if he could share any light on this for me, and indeed he did. According to shaman David Johnson,** everyone has a spirit animal whether we know it or not.

"There is power here, not the power of aggression but the power of flight, the ability to understand, to rise above, to lift into the air at will and to align himself and you with the highest spiritual forces. This is the purpose of the spirit animal."

Ann: Richard, can you talk to me about the Black Horse?

Richard Burton: Yes, love, and very blessed you are to have this Spirit Animal coming to you in such a potent and powerful form. The River Styx*** is a fearful memory, and those who attempted to cross often came to grief before even setting foot in the boat. Simply the act of putting one’s foot on the shore with the intent of making the crossing could be enough to drop them in their tracks. The River Styx is the fear of death. Did you but know it – and you should after all the backing and forthing that we are enjoying – death is but a change of address.

Your Black Horse has been with you since childhood. Many an hour did you spend daydreaming - or so you thought – about this powerful black stallion that would carry you up into the sky, who allowed you to arise from the detritus of a child’s life that was really not meant for children – as I and so many children know. Many of us have been saved from life circumstances by spirit animal companions - whether we knew of their presence or not - and imbued with strength that allowed us to endure.

Anita’s vision is to remind you of the Black Horse, the protector lifting you up to the sky with great laughter and joy, then returning only to take off again. This is to let you know that you do not have to cross the River Styx, you do not need to carry the fear of death, for death is nothing but one transition among many, repeated over and over again always with the protection that the Black Horse brought you as a child and that remains yours in the spirit being now returned to remind you of that inviolability.

A: Am I near death?

RB: Love, we are all near death. But I know what you mean. This horse is not an omen of death but a portent of your own inner resilience and, through you, a message to everyone reading these words. Each one of you has a center of strong and sacred connection that does not change with life’s temporal circumstances, but, because we become enmeshed with the world’s troubles, we often fail to recognize that holy center, but, if we can but allow them rent room, our spirit animals can reconnect us.

A: Can you say more about the Black Horse?

RB: Yes. The Black Horse has the sensitivity and radar of the highly attuned spirit being who communicates without words but eloquently nonetheless. There is power there, not the power of aggression but the power of flight, the ability to understand, to rise above, to lift into the air at will and to align himself and you with the highest spiritual forces.

This is the purpose of the spirit animal. When he carries you on his back at that soul-sucking gallop, you become one in the cosmos with the mission that has always been yours, that is, to go back and forth between life and death and to let those who can hear the words you bring from that distant and not so distant place, to wit, that we are not alone, that darkness can never win no matter how clouded our vision at this particular time in space. So swing up and be joyful, then come back renewed and enlightened that let that light radiate. When next you feel confined by earthly circumstances and worries, ask for the Black Horse, and he will come to lift and renew you.

November 27, 2019

* Also see Resources above.

** Also see Resources above.

*** The River Styx is a principal river in the Greek underworld (also called Hades). The river forms a border between the underworld and the world of the living. The word means hate in Greek and is named after the goddess, Styx. › greek › greek-concepts › river-styx

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Nov 27, 2019

I didn’t think it would be possible, but Richard is even more eloquent on the other side. What a lovely post, especially before the holidays which are filled with the ghosts of those who have passed. I hope The Black Horse comes to all of us in our Thanksgiving dreams.

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