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The Pleiadians: Expanding Light

When you take the long view, you can allow yourself to relax

into the flow knowing that the is an ascending a rhythm and pattern.

Ann: It's the Summer Solstice. Would anyone like to say a word?

The Pleiadians: Pleiadians here contacting you through the now standard communication waves of energy which are available to each one of you. We speak to you on this longest, and for many, happiest day of the year. The light is in the ascendance, energy has been provided to assist you in weathering the gradual darkening of the northern hemisphere until the day the cycle of renewal begins again.

We ask each of you take notice of your own energy on this day. Perhaps you can see a little further with a little more clarity the arcs and rhythms of your own life and those of the world around you. Perhaps when you take the long view, you can allow yourself to relax into the flow knowing that the is an ascending a rhythm and pattern, forward then back, release then restrict, arise then retreat that, no matter low a cycle may go, it nevertheless conforms to the ascending curve.

This is the pattern of expansion. Ann read as article today that suggested that the universe is not expanding, but that is not true. Perhaps not the type of expansion questioned by the scientist but in a multidimensional arc that takes into account not just the physicality of the earth, its galaxies, and the cosmos at large, but the generated energy that comes powers the whole some of which comes from the hearts of all who do this work.

You can see it, can you not? You feel in your own environs when the light of Spirit lifts the vibrations of all around you. Even the smallest kitchen chair levitates a bit, its molecules a little lighter! In this you can see that everything around you – and much that is not - is affected by what you put out into the universe.

We ask, then, that you take today’s power pack and strap it on for the glide path through the coming seasons with all of their challenges and unanticipated twists and turns. This is how you say yes, yes to the light which allows you to plumb the secrets that the dark reveals and still remain intact.

Feel yourself grow rounder as you go through this process, more whole until light and dark become simply the process of growth and expansion in the multidimensional existence that is available to you on the planet if you say yes.

We move with you on your quest. We understand what you are going through. We came early to your planet and settled on its revers and in its wildernesses which to this day still contain the vibrations of our expanding consciousness. We connect still to the planet earth, the forests fields, and roadways. We are bonded and committed.

We offer you our assistance, our connection added to yours to expand your consciousness to take in the arc of light and dark, healing and retreat that opens the mind to the underlying arc of loving creation.

Call on us, we will answer.

June 21, 2023

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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