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The Veil Is Thin Now

Can you feel yourself as many different people, even different beings? Does someone almost unseen, almost unheard, walk with you? And who, though almost unseen and unheard, is nevertheless at your side? Do you wonder who you are, who you were, why you are here? Do you long for fulfillment, for your purpose, for your mission?

Reach out with an open hand, not a grasping fist, but with a gentle welcoming and allow your soul to expand. The veil is thin now, this is our time.

"THERE IS A looker-on who sits behind my eyes. It seems he has seen things in ages and worlds beyond memory's shore, and those forgotten sights glisten on the grass, and shiver on the leaves. He has seen under new veils the face of the one beloved, in twilight hours of many a nameless star.

Therefore his sky seems to ache with the pain of countless meetings and partings, and a longing pervades this spring breeze,-the longing that is full of the whisper of ages without beginning."

- Rabindranath Tagore


Lover's Gift, No 39

July 23, 2020

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