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Thor: Becoming Who You Are

I want to talk to all of you about those patterns in your life,

patterns that you can’t seem to shake

which may have deeper roots than you can see.

Ann: Mr. Thor?*

Thor: Just Thor, we’re friends now.

Ann: So we are, I am deeply honored. How can I be of help?

Thor: Ann, we go through this life, time after time and over and over, we seem to struggle with the same issues, though often in different forms. I see it all the time and try to help, but no one hears me – at least not until lately. The world is waking up, you know. It is real.

So I want to talk to all of you about those patterns in your life, patterns that you can’t seem to shake which may have deeper roots than you can see.

Sometimes it is the knee jerk pattern of always being a helper – even when help may not be requested. Or perhaps a habit of retreating into self-satisfaction of some sort. (Yes, Ann, your chocolate addiction has much to teach you.)

Or it can be more serious, such has a debilitating addiction to drink, food, drugs, sex, domination, or self-effacement just to name a few.

You can tell if you are being controlled by one of these patterns if it keeps coming up in your life and seems beyond your ability to change in spite of your desire to do so.

For these patterns there is a fundamental cause, a need that has not been addressed in your heart’s core.

For example, I was incapable of controlling my rages, and for many eons I terrorized, not just those of you on the planet, but in the heavens and beyond. It made me feel strong whilst I was in the middle of these tantrums, but afterward I was shaky, trembling inside, and completely untethered.

I think I have shared with you that Archangel Michael showed me where my disconnect was buried, that I was reacting to outside stimuli and was not in charge of my own life. I hear you saying that my life was not confined to earth, that I am an eternal being, and that therefore it is not the same. But I am here to tell you that it is exactly the same, that none of us die, we just keep working and evolving. However, when you are on the planet Earth, you can’t see the full picture because you have lost your memory which is a challenge but not a insurmountable one.

Michael taught me to ask myself what I wanted, and perhaps you might consider doing the same. Really ask and keep asking until you uncover that long buried reason that has kept your unwanted pattern operational. If you can get yourself to accept the root cause of your particular disconnect, you are on the way to becoming conscious in the life you have now and able to live in concert with your deepest desires.

In my case I wanted to be recognized, but I mistakenly translated that need into a desire to be feared. But then I discovered that, when I was feared, no one recognized the real me, they just ran for their lives.

So slowly I began to move into the role of protector, and I have now been doing that for a very long time. It has grown on me and allowed me to continue to evolve into other areas.

For example, some of you know that I am a poet, so I will leave you with this.

Ask your heart who you are.

You may be surprised by the answer,

But your heart will not be surprised,

Just relieved to have you home at last.

February 3, 2021

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or for spiritual or past life readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Amy David
Amy David

I just realized that we probably wouldn’t know of Thor had he not lived the way he did. If he had been a kind and gentle while living on earth, would we know of him these many years later? Would people have mythologized him? History and people sort of ignore quiet people and write about those who cause problems. Sigh


Amy David
Amy David

Please stop by and help me with my doubt. It creeps in all the time. I can’t seem to shake it off but now I am aware of it so maybe I can chip away at its grip on my life. lovely post, Thor!

Mighty Thor is no bore and his words resonate deep within my core.



Amazing. Didn't realize that a Norse god (or what we think of as a Norse god) could have a redemption arc. If he can do it maybe there is hope for the rest of us yet.



Ok, I must confess, I think I am in falling in love with Thor. He is strong and yet humble and his poetry - WOW. Thank you Thor and Ann!

Betty Jean

Me too.

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