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Three Rune Throw

"There is something wonderful about reaching into a bag of rune stones with a question, asking for guidance,

and receiving an ancient, magical symbol to assist you."

Three Rune Throws are a great way to get some perspective on what is going on in your life. They are read from right to left with the far right rune covering the Overview of the matter, the center rune the Challenge that arises in the particular situation, and the far left rune describing the Action that would be most helpful. I have found Three Rune Throws to be shockingly on point and use them in all of my readings.

These throws are excellent when you are at a turning point or a place in your life where direction is not clear. The question can be mundane such as, "Should I retire, move, look for a new job, etc?" or more spiritual in nature.

To give you an idea of how this works, you may want to look at the above throw as an example. It was done for a gifted intuitive who was seeking help with the fast moving and sometimes contrary currents in life. The following is a summary of what the runes had to say; the reading itself had more detail. For more general information on runes and how they can be used in intuitive work, please see the October 19, 2019 post from Richard Burton as well as the books referenced below.

"This rune throw is full of light. Dagaz, the rune on the right, gives an Overview which indicates a light-filled, transformational time. In particular Dagaz covers our daily experience with the soft radiance of daybreak which guides our active time and the gentle light of twilight which initiates our time of rest.  It is the third to the last rune in Ralph Blum's book* which, according to Blum, can signify a breakthrough, a major shift in self change, and/or the end of a period of initiation.  That it is in the "Overview" position makes it all the more powerful and positive.

Isa, the center rune, represents Ice, Standstill, and is in the Challenge position. Isa provides the caveat which I read, based on Edred Thorsson,** as a caution to keep grounded.  So many people with intuitive talents can have difficulty functioning in the world, in relationships, and in practical matters, and, following upon Dagaz" a light-filled transformation, that difficulty can be magnified.  Isa suggests that a concentrated effort at building and tending ego strength is in order to balance the brilliance of Dagaz.  With a giving and open nature, this is often not easy to accomplish, but the necessary tools provided by Isa are at hand.

Othila, means homecoming which is what results from developing the discipline suggested by Isa after receiving the light and transformation offered by Dagaz.  Othila in this context is not only homecoming in the ordinary sense but also an archetypal return to the ancestral clan, ancestors, and roots. It is, however, a gift that requires action as care must be taken to keep focus grounded in order to respect and abide by the ways and mores of the clan. 

With the light of Dagaz and the discipline of Isa providing balance, a transformational return to Othila is within reach."

February 4, 2020

*Ralph Blum, "The Book of Runes."

**Edred Thorsson, “Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic”

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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