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Wayfinder Rune Throw

I was feeling a bit lost so I did a rune reading for myself. If you think such a reading might help you, please let me know via the Contact button above.

Invocation: Please let this rune throw and reading and all that flows from it be for the purpose of expanding the light. Please let only energies and beings from the light enter and influence this reading. St. Michael, please protect us in doing this work and block any lower energies from our sacred space here.

Question: Please talk to me about the blog, readings, my practice, going back and forth between worlds, and where all this is going.

Runes: (Read from right to left.)

Action Challenge Overview.

Blank Rune Ehwaz Gebo

Total Trust, Two Horses, Gift, giver, partnership,

Surrender movement,. That which is exchanged

Trust, union between God and human

Crystal Card: Black Tourmaline: Protection, transport between worlds, cleansing.

Ann: Richard, would you be kind enough to help me with this?

Richard: Of course, love. I have been waiting to do so. Going back and forth between worlds is your new practice, your new mantra, and your new way of being. As you practice, as you continue the work on this blog and otherwise with whomever may want your help, you will develop more facility in transitions.

I am glad to see that you have not let the natural entropy resulting from time away prevent you from stepping back in. There is always a little hump to be traversed when we come back to spiritual communication after a time away. This is not unusual and not a problem as long as it is recognized as such and dealt with appropriately.

It is hard to overstate the way the universe provides exactly what we need when we need it if we will just open our ears to its signals. You felt that a rune throw was important after your Auntie post and and hey presto, you’re back in the game. It is sometimes hard to transition between worlds, is it not?

Do not think that you’re the only one with this issue. Every single person on this planet works to refine their own method of spiritual communication while living in the material world. It can be challenging to keep our consciousness aware on two levels, and it is natural to sink back down into the material world for a little vacation as Auntie just called it. What is critical here is the return transition, to smile at the bumps and bounce over them nevertheless.

I want to reflect a bit on your rune throw. Gebo, the Overview, is the rune of partnership on as many levels as you can conceive. We do not go it alone. We travel in partnership with spirit’s messengers be they animal, vegetable, mineral, or spirit, but we sometimes find it challenging to go back and forth between levels.

Why do you think boundaries have been an issue for you all for your life? Many intuitives - and I would include your readers here - struggle with this issue. However, the solution is found within the question.

Without semi-porous boundaries, we have no access to spiritual communications. Too much access leaves us floundering in the workaday world. To little leaves us cut off from Spirit. Therefore, we must shore up those boundaries just enough so that we can receive and not be overwhelmed. To do that each of us must elevate the level of reception without altering the foundations which make us functional in the material world.

Many of us come to this balance late in life, for it often takes time, trauma, and/or regrouping time and time again to produce a workable system. As we continue to challenge our own transitional skills, we will find them expanding and balancing naturally as we become well-rounded beings who can hold body, mind, and spirit together in tandem harness.

Gebo, the gift, the partnership, the receiver of life, the gift of light. Ehwaz, two horses, horse and rider, the challenge to keep the partnership moving, two energies balanced in perfect harmony one with the other. And. last, the Action rune which is not action, The Blank Rune, trust, the essential ingredient to movement of any sort toward our spiritual purpose while we travel blind and without memory on this planet.

If ever there were a guiding paradigm for each one of us, this is it: the Gift, moving in balanced Partnership with Spirit, carried by Trust, and protected by the exhortation of the Black Tourmaline crystal transmuting negative energy into wisdom and power.

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Amy David
Amy David
Sep 06, 2020

What do you think Richard means by too much access? I get the too little access but not why too much would not be good. Isn’t that what we ultimately want and crave?

why is it mentioned you stepped back? Are there times when you aren’t connected? And by pulling the Runes, you connected again. Sorry, I don’t always understand.


Aug 26, 2020

Thanks, Lisa, it is great to know we are a family.


Lisa Altenau
Lisa Altenau
Aug 26, 2020

Ann, Your reading today has confirmed to me everything I have been struggling with also, and it is reassuring to know that I am not alone in my journey.

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