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Epiphany: We Are Co-Creators With Source

No one ever said I was a fast learner, but maybe, when you’re a turtle, there is more rejoicing when you cross the finish line because there’s such a dramatic change between before and after. I crossed that line (not that I am finished) last night watching Linda G’s powerful video of June 2, 2020* where she discusses – and experiences – going into the presence of Source. As she spoke, that experience was recreated in me. All of a sudden, I knew in the depths of my being that I can be part of the solution - or not. My choice.

Ann: Would one of you talk to me about this?

Richard: With the greatest pleasure, love, Richard here. Yes indeed there is joy in Mudville tonight! The Lord is patient which is a good thing, for you and I both have taken the long way round to finally accepting the loving embrace of Spirit. Once that happens everything changes. You won’t lose the dark times, love, but you won’t lose the experience of Christ’s love either because you know, really know, that you are part of creating the solution. This is true for all of us if we would just open our eyes. It is our own projections that help to create the coming reality.

It’s a hard won victory, is it not? We humans like to feel that we have been done to, done by, and done in. Then we can play the victim with impunity. When we finally realize our power, we are then on the hot seat. For if we are co-creating with God, we have better get busy, no lollygagging around anymore moaning about the state of the world and what it has done to us.

With this responsibility - which you have so adroitly avoided for all these years -comes an overwhelming and all-consuming brilliance that will not be denied or forgotten. Your vision clears. Light pours in, around, and about you, and floods your being to the point of disorientation. Your helpers make themselves known, really known, and you finally recognize in your soul that you are not alone. The experience is vastly different from the lecture, is it not?

Now you know in your gut, nevermind your heart, that when you picture a result, you are helping to create it. Do you remember when your children where trying to teach you to ride a bike (you were a little slow in that endeavour also), you ran into a parked car because you couldn’t stop looking at it? All of you were consumed with laughter, and they have never let you forget it. The experience has stayed with you, not only because of their good-natured teasing, but because this is a fundamental truth of the universe. Where we put our focus and our energy, there is where we are going.

So it is now, so it is for all of us. We must see, really see, what we know in our hearts to be blessed, and, come hell or high water (and there will be plenty of both), keep our eyes on that vision so that gradually, gradually in this life or the next that shining light becomes a human reality.

The human race is in a critical transition period. We need this steadfast vision of light. We need every single one of you to train your gaze on the light that will envelop us if we persist in our efforts to co-create with God.

What do you think I have been doing with you for all these years? Simply helping you to open every door you have slammed shut in heaven’s face so that you could finally see the light behind that door you were so afraid would wrest control of you life’s path from you. Now you discover that the opposite is true: you are co-creating with God the path of this lifetime. If you try to slam the door shut, it will slam. If you want to open it and step through, then that is where you will go. The choice, the “control,” is yours.

And if you cannot see that light right now or if it disappears from sight, picture it, imagine it, focus on anything that brings you closer. Do not give up. Vow to be part of the solution, and that light will become your reality.

June 3, 2020

*Linda G, Comanche Psychic, June 2, 2020,“Words of comfort from those beyond.” See also "Get out of Fear and go to presence, Aliveness is there", Eckhart Tolle, which Linda references in the video.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Amy David
Amy David
Sep 09, 2020

You're such an honest writer, Ann. Love learning about you. Wise words, Richard. Thank you


Patty Mellowship
Patty Mellowship
Jun 03, 2020

Love, love, love Linda G! ... Best of wishes Ann...✌🌎💜💜💜😇

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