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White Feather: Life, Death, and Evolution

White Feather:* You have asked about life and death, well, really about death, but without life there is no death.

We are born from many mothers, in many times and places, and yet, as we gather here on this planet, all of these births, rebirths, learnings, healings, and journeys coalesce as one as we are born from Mother Earth in this place and time.

The earth is a fearsome mother, both nurturing and cauterizing that which we have brought here to be reclaimed, that which we have brought here to birth and bury. We born of matter and spirit share this journey as part and parcel of the earth.

As she burns over eons of time, the heat of her gradual dissolution cleanses the impurities of any choices which were not for love and nurture. She is a stern taskmaster, but in her rhythms are both the destructive and generative forces which power all creation.

Align yourselves as best you can to her pulses, to her gifts, to her warnings, and her strictures. We have treated her as a non-living force and now have much to rectify.

And yet she does not hold a grudge, she will heal herself and us in the process if given a chance. She knows that sometimes learning is achieved only through chaos, trauma, or tragedy, and that this is what is often needed to get the attention of the human ego.

She waits for us in love, a creation ready to recreate, to embark on another adventure of evolutionary growth. She, like all matter, is transient and evolutionary. She loves according to her own rhythms imbued with the heartbeats of all who have made their home with her.

She is mother to body and soul, to heart and spirit. She asks only that you open your ears to hear her song, open your eyes to see her splendor, and open your hearts to join her in recreating a new world of respect and valour.

Though mortality is her calling card, as each of her creations die, so are they born anew from the ashes into a new world.

She moves as you do in an eternal dance where, as consciousness is gained, so will memory return and the blessings she offers be fully received.

Rune: Gebo, X, the gift, giver, gifted and received, the rune of God.

September 30, 2023

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Sep 30, 2023

This message from White Feather opens up a deeper understanding in me. This comes as a blessing and an opening, an invitation to be in deep connection with the earth, myself, and other beings. Thank you.

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