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Hi.  I am your basic average bear.  Grew up loving animals, ended up married with children living on a farm, working and dealing with the ups and downs of life that go along with living on this planet.  But always I had a sense that I was not alone, that somehow my life was being guided even, maybe especially, when I landed in places I had no business being. 


As I cautiously mentioned this to the odd receptive person, it became clear that lots of us live in this space, but for one reason or another don’t follow it out.  I have started this website and blog in the hope of encouraging those of you who have an inkling that someone, some presence is in your life if you could only angle your being in the right direction.  


I am here to tell you that you are not making it up.  Spirit is real, and so is your connection. Check out the conversations on this blog, and you may find yourself hearing a voice or seeing a spirit who is standing right beside you just waiting for you to notice.  It might be Richard Burton, Jesus, or Archangel Michael, it might be Great Aunt Addie, or it might be someone whose loss still haunts you. In many cultures, such connections were considered normal, and indeed they still are if we will allow ourselves the freedom to hear and see.  So, if you are so inclined, please join these conversations and explorations and consider taking this journey for yourself.


With kindest blessings,


All blog entries and readings are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.


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