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What is channeling?

Maybe you've heard of channeling or channeling readings before (or even have had one done for you), or perhaps you stumbled upon my site by chance.

Either way, one question I receive quite often is, "What exactly is channeling?"

Channeling is different from a psychic reading or psychic medium. With channeling, the channeler (aka me) serves as a guide to connect with spirits and entities from other planes. Yes, we are not alone!

Channelers serve as conduits of sorts, relaying what they see in terms of images, sights, and sounds. It is up to the recipient to interpret what these messages mean what wisdom they can offer for their own lives.

About Ann

Ann Weber is clairaudient channel. For over forty years she has heard and transcribed communications from individuals and entities who offer wisdom and insights to those of us still incarnated.


Ann has recently retired from the practice of law where she was widely recognized as a top professional in elder law and estate planning. She lives on a farm in Western Massachusetts and has a limited schedule available for readings, current charge $125.00.

All blog entries and readings are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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