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Spirit Voices

This little book is a collection of channeled messages from spirits who have come back to let us know who we are, how we got here, and what happens when we die. In conversations that range from entertaining to profound, Ann channels messages from well-known voices—among them, Richard Burton, Robin Williams, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Albert Einstein, John McCain, and Merlin. They tell us what it’s like when we die, how to realize our purpose in coming to the planet, and how to find our own spirits and angels to guide us on the journey. Every voice is distinctive, and without exception each one delivers a message of the unconditional love that powers all of creation—and the joy that comes to us if we tap into that message.
This is a book to dip into when we want to call on Spirit because, when that happens, like as not, someone in this little book will have something to say.


About Ann

Ann has recently retired from the practice of law where she specialized in elder law and estate planning. She lives on a farm in Western Massachusetts with an assortment of humans, spirits, and animals.

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