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Conversations with Richard

In this fascinating dialogue between a gifted intuitive and a well-known Welsh actor who died in the last century, you will be taken on a journey into realms most of us never experience except in our imagination. And here is the story not only of how this communication is possible and what insights it offers those of us still living, but how much fun it is. Readers will be unable to put this small volume down, and may even find in themselves the possibility of being able to undertake a similar journey of their own. 

Story Behind the Book

I can’t exactly recall when I first heard Richard’s voice, but at first I assumed it to be some sort of fantasy.   However, as his voice and presence became more insistent, there was a shock of recognition, for indeed this resonant voice was very well known and one I had heard as a child on a record my parents liked to play.  Still, I thought, this is silly.  But he would not go away.  He intruded in moments when I settled down to do some quiet work of my own, when I was driving or making supper.  He sang poetry to me, sometimes silly, sometimes serious.  He declaimed and teased until I suspended disbelief and began to write down what I heard.  


I have always had some form of clairaudient abilities, and for many years I have been inclined to ask questions of Spirit and receive answers which I heard in my mind and transcribed as they occurred.  The words come so quickly that I cannot not tell what is being said until I read what I wrote later.  And so I started writing.  Then reading.  And I was blown away.


Thinking that either I was losing my mind or something very extraordinary was happening, I checked in first with a psychic and then, to cover all bases, a well-respected Catholic Sister.  The psychic saw an image of a person that neither she nor anyone else would connect to Richard – but I did because I had just seen an obscure clip of Richard and this person on the internet.   The Sister said, oh yes, this does happen, quite the blessing, not that unusual, she had given workshops on this, and I should follow it out.  


Not that unusual.  OK.  Well, maybe not for her.  Clearly I was out of my league here.    But I did follow because there seemed to be no choice.  In the process I found my way to Richard’s little-known film Circle of Two about an older man who falls in love with a young girl, but, because of the depth of his love, he can take no action that would harm her.  The film was not well-received, but it touched a nerve and formed the basis of our first interactions. In the process he offered wisdom and insight into the human condition not just as related to our two little lives but to the transformation that comes to us all in this life and beyond. 


As he did so, it became clear that the gift of these conversations could not be meant for me alone... 

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